Best Sailor Moon Merch For All Us Guardians

Sometimes we just want more anime/otaku merchandise to add to our collection. And sometimes, we just want to look really cute! These Sailor Moon Merch items will let you show your obsession in style. Take a look at the best sailor moon merch for ALL of us!

sailor moon merch

Sailor Moon Merch

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  1. These adorable Luna and Artemis handbags
sailor moon merch luna and Artemis hand bags

Of course these would be the first item listed for our merch list. I currently have the black one and use it for my every day purse. It fits more than you think it there and it’s super cute!

2. Guardians Fleece Pullover

sailor moon merch

Now THIS is how you stay comfy. Cozy and warm perfect for any guardian!

3.  Tee and Shirt Combo

sailor moon outfits cute otaku anime cartoon anime art anime girl anime screenshots gif gifs gifts

4. Kawaii Notebook

5. Zippered Wallet

Feel like a princess of justice with every purchase by storing your cash and cards in a stylish Sailor Moon wallet! Features a Sailor Scout exterior design with enough room for all your important merchandise buying essentials. Fits all your cards and reviewers have mentioned that nothing slips out either. A major plus if you ask me.

Cute and functional.

6. Selfie Stick

7. Make-up Brush Set

Whether she’s fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight, Sailor Moon’s beauty game is always impeccable. Create some of your own magic charm with this set of 8 Sailor Moon wand and moon stick brush set!

8. Cute Brooches Set

9. Harajuka Sailor Moon Jacket

10. Pocket Watch

11. Cute Umbrella

Who says rainy days means you can’t still be cute? Nothing works better to prevent getting drenched quite like moon power! Moonies will be wishing it rains everyday!

12. Cozy Shirt

sailor moon merch

This is one of the most popular ones on the site. The fit is AMAZING and it’s really comfy, making it one of the best sailor moon items on the list. (Though they’re all pretty amazing to me). In the name of cuteness, you should wear this!

13. Iphone 6 Case

sailor moon merch

I’m in love with these. Stylish, yet cute!

14. Liquid Glitter Phone Case

15. Backpacks

These are perfect for carrying your every day items to school or just out in daily life.

What do you think? Do you already have some of the cute items? You might like our Best Halloween Cosplay Article. OR the Best Japanese Subscription Boxes article(it includes CANDY and monster drinks!) Go ahead and let me know in the comments below! 

As always,

Keep Smiling! 

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sailor moon merch

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