Best Japanese Subscription Boxes (it’s like you’re living there!)

If you’re here from Pinterest and want the anime figures, All figurines are with J-list! Same with the candy/drinks! Just click on the link that’s included in the name “J-List“.

Sometimes you just want the experience of visiting someplace without having to get out your passport or sell a kidney to pay for it. That’s where subscription boxes come in! They’re fun and definitely cheap. Here are my top 3 favorites that let you experience Japan no matter where you are!

Best Japanese Subscription Boxes


I’ve mentioned them before in my How I Make Money Anime Blogging article. Which makes sense, since they’re probably my number one favorite subscription site.

Lancer/Cu Figure from JList

It’s a good site for finding unusual things that you wouldn’t find in most shops. They have a pretty good monthly subscription box as well as some 18+ items that some of y’all older ones might like.


I do NOT endorse the +18 items.

They have TONS of figurines, candy, magazines, and pretty much anything you can imagine. You can view their BEST SELLERS HERE.

The subscription box they have is perfect for sampling their MILLIONS of snacks but they also just have an online store so you can pick and choose whatever you what. I’m addicted to matcha green teas and they have it in KIT-KAT form.


The #1 monthly Japanese candy & snacks subscription boxes filled with exclusive and limited edition treats! As low as $18/month & FREE shipping from Japan to your door!

Advertisement's World's Largest Gummy Bear, World's Largest Gummy Worm, and Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

I wouldn’t be an otaku if I didn’t include them. I personally love their designs and boxes each month. Sometimes you get more snacks(cookies/cakes) than candy but it’s ALWAYS good. The best part is that if ANY of your items arrive damaged, they’ll send you a replacement.

According to their reviews, they’re actually pretty high up. Most people are pleased with them.


This is just like the previous one but not just candy, it has other cute things.
The cutest monthly subscription boxes filled with kawaii things from Japan! As low as $18/month & FREE shipping worldwide!

According to the reviews, they’re another high-ranking one. And you really can’t beat some of these super adorable items! I really want that whale paper punch. It would look adorable on my office desk. And I’m ALWAYS game for more candy!


Princess Twilight My Little Pony Bishoujo Figure HERE

Are you a part of any of these already? You might like our best anime/otaku websites for more variety. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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