With the world developing rapidly it’s easy to get left behind and feel old fashioned, so I present to you some of the trending technological devices some you probably didn’t know existed.

  This device is called SGNL (not sure what the full meaning is) it doesn’t look like much more than a wrist band but that’s just one of its appeals but in fact it is capable of allowing a wearer to answer calls through your finger tips. Also making you look cool while doing so.😎

  And if you are the kind of person that likes to know how your gadgets work, its actually pretty simple the device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and transmits sound vibrations from an in-built BCU (Body Conduction Unit ) to the ear via the finger also there’s a receiver in the band so the other person can hear what you are saying.

smart glasses

  If you loves intense exercise or just cant keep track of your daily life theses glasses or just want to look cool , you need one of these. It as a point view camera that can take pictures or record videos instantly, GPS, fitness tracker, heart monitor and you will receive notifications about calls or texts from your smart phone, all of this data can be viewed just below the right eye at a glance and it’s fitted so it won’t fall of doing vigorous work outs and so on

*magic mirror

  If having a normal flat screen TV or a mirror isnt quite floating your boat theres another option the “Magic mirror ”(not like the one in snow white but cooler).

  Features: touch overlay, voice recognition, Displays information on its surface ( weather, time and date so on) and sync with your smart phone.

  There are different designs by different companies but their functions are more or less the same

cool fire party trick



When you are starting to get bored, then you find yourself in the devils workshop and finally decide to get a career change to arsonist do you go old school and get flammable fuel no do you get a flame thrower nope,  you splurge and get yourself a cool fire shooting bracelet 🔥🔥🔥. Just kidding but if concealed well it would make an awesome party trick granting the user the ability to shoot out fire balls. And all you need to is to get flash paper to use this device.It works by shooting out flash paper which burns in a millisecond without leaving behind ash but it’s still real fire so it shouldn’t be handled by children.It charges via USB and has a remote control so you can inconspicuously activate it.

    Let’s me know what you think about them, or any other tech you think is cool in the comment section and you can contact me if you want. Sharing is caring. 😊

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