Imec EGG Headset

  So today we are looking at the Imec EGG headset from Belgian research center, it apparently can tell your mood, tell what music your brain likes, improve your memory, change video games while you play, or give you an attitude adjustment.
   Emotions are a very important aspect of life that affect so many things, so with machines like this maybe we will be able to understand ourselves even more. Creating a world where there are no misunderstanding. Imec first made a name for themselves in microprocessor manufacturing, and is a core activity but they are also diverging into other areas and this is one of them.
   Measuring brain waves just got easier,  assessing your mood based on signals from the front of your brain and by playing the right music, change how you feel. Electroencephalogram  (EGG) technology, as gone a long way from wiring electrodes to somebody’s skull, normally EGG brain scans are used to diagnose medical conditions like  sleep disorders or epilepsy.
  More recently they are used to detect emotions which makes ways for new applications for them. Normally EEG electrode placement and user comfort are usually a challenge but with the Imec this maybe a thing of the past, combining user comfort with cutting-edge technology.
  It accurately monitor in real time frontal EEG signals that help tell the emotional state, the system contains a headphone jack and Bluetooth for music streaming, measuring your emotions as you listen to music. And with the help of AI learns the personal music preference of the user, thereby influencing wearer’s emotions.
 And I feel this is amazing tech that could be used in a lot of applications, if it works well and maybe with this development men will now be able to understand women lol.


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