Golden Time – Anime Review

The real review will be on the next paragraph so I’ll start first with my initial thoughts and expectations from this series. The reason why this title has been sitting in my watch list unwatched for almost 2 years now is because I didn’t really have time to watch 24 episode series back then, but now fortunately I was given a chance to check this one out. This series took my interest because well… Honestly speaking, I am attracted to beautifully drawn characters however I lost a bit of hope when I found out that this was not tagged ecchi since I am an enthusiast of that genre. Sorry if I may offend people with that. But well… it’s the way I am so what can I do about it? Anyways… let’s start with the real review. 

 RomCom, is that what they call it? Yeah I’m kinda not used to plain old RomCom without the Ecchi-Harem combo because that’s what I have been binging mostly on as you can see in my list. However though, after I have seen this series, I didn’t expect it to be this good without all the scenes and shenanigans that I’m used to. In my opinion, this is a good example of what RomCom is supposed to be. Regarding the story, I think the plot goes well with the situations and the scenes were executed pretty well. I was surprised at one of the tags of this show namely “Drama”. I was thinking that this might be a bit different compared to the rest of the series that I have seen but probably most RomComs contain drama so I didn’t really thought about it much.

  As the show progressed, I was expecting the drama scenes and I was not disappointed with how well they went. Unexpectedly, I found a hidden genre that this show didn’t highlight and I think it is the tag “Psychological”. With the synopsis of the main character having amnesia, I think that the genre fits well considering that he has conflicts with himself. You may try and expect cliche from this series but I tell you that you may seem that you’re expecting it, but it will catch you off guard anyway and that is one the things I enjoy about it. The comedy… man… if you want your comedy properly complimented by the plot, I assure you that this is a true gem if you like comedy along with your forms of entertainment. I can’t count how many times I laughed my arse off from those comic relief moments. They’re right on time and they don’t stray too far away from the plot.

  With the comic relief scenes, there are drama scenes too if you’re not forgetting about one of the main tags of this show. There were scenes that were rather heartwrenching and indeed painful for others but don’t worry, as long as you finish the show, you’ll be feeling better in no time. Regarding the art, J.C. Staff did a great job making the art of the anime. Though not as colourful and bedazzling compared to their other masterpieces, this one I rate as decent and on point. The characters were well drawn and that’s one of the things that makes this anime nice. The voices fit the characters very well. 

  The soundtrack is well played and it shows the shift of emotions in the plot. It sets the mood right for the situations and scenes. The characters are… well… they’re kind of strange and unusual. It’s my first time watching something that focuses on college campus and not the usual high school background but is it just me or I see no difference at all. Especially that the characters seem to be not acting their age at all and they’re just the same as what high school students would be. But other than that, the personality development is well played for immature people. Well.. I just think that they are but I don’t need you to agree with me. Now for the conclusion, I think that this series ended really well with one season and no sequels needed. I never read the manga because I don’t really read much but I think the story went pretty well in the anime so all’s well ends well.


  If you are someone who likes RomComs, then I recommend this very much and I also recommend this as a first anime for people who haven’t started yet on their anime journey. So that’s it for the review and I might be putting more thought into the rating I gave for this series. Thank you for reading my review and if you have any further questions feel free to message me.

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