From space and time
I see all of mine
That of what I am
Memories reset and lives rekindled

I speak of words and miracles
Stars aligned from the fingertips of our creators
Minds read from the books of our believers
And intuitions substituted by the ideas of our liberators
We run towards our future and reach for our sanctuaries

Aligning our eyes to what gives strength
For us to love what we deleted
And to hate what we created
And demand power from other beings
No this is not our eyes seeing correct things
Our hands feeling the courses
And yet we stand on the same stone
Never reaching our adequate tone
We are not alone
We have no home
And now we are distant
Never allowed to go quantum


A modern day ninja with a collections of swords, You will normally find him with his nose in a book like Kakashi Hatake, watching anime or playing video games. He loves writing and when he isn't he's working on his music or being spider-cop, solving cases for his friends and those around him.

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