The Dragon Prince: Should You Watch?

If you loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’m pretty sure you’ll love Netflix’s new show: The Dragon Prince. While scrolling through, The Dragon Prince popped up on my watch list and I decided to give it a try. Fans might recognize a familiar Avatar voice(Sokka) who voices Callum in this wonderful, new and magical tale.

But Should You Watch The Dragon Prince?

In the opening premiere, the viewers are introduced to the land of Xadia. Here, magic is drawn from six sources or elements like the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Sky, the Earth, and the Ocean. But, there’s a twist…a thousand years ago, human mages created a sixth source…dark magic. This caused the humans to be forced into the western part of the world and the dragon king(oh yes, there’s a DRAGON king) who is left to guard Xadia. But then the humans decided to be buttheads, and kill the dragon king and destroy his heir, still an egg.

The show opens there to show a group of Moonshadow elves who have been sent to assassinate the human King Harrow and his heir, Prince Ezran, as a retaliation.  The “problem” arises when one of those assassins, Rayla, lets one of the humans go instead of killing them. This inadvertently gives away the elves’ approach.

Rayla wants to redeem herself, so she rushes into the castle, where she meets the two young princes, Callum, and Ezran. Immediately, you can see the brotherly bond between the two. Callum is unsure of his place in the kingdom, as he is a “step-prince” but he still goes out of the way to ensure that Ezran is protected. Even going as far as pretending to be Ezran so Rayla would kill him instead.


During this, Rayla and the two brothers learn that they’ve ALL been misled and the heir to the dragon king is in fact, still alive. Deciding to put war and fighting aside, they decide to return the egg in hopes to save and protect their world.

The Interesting Storyline

The very first episode draws you in. It explains the basics and makes you wonder WHO are the good guys are. The Dragon Prince’s main antagonist is more of a manipulator but each person has their reason for doing things. While watching, you start to side with both the mages and the elves. You feel deeply for the characters, and yet there are moments of comedic gold that EVERYONE can giggle at.

One of my favorite things about the show itself is  General Amaya. She’s a deaf woman of color who uses American Sign Language. Amaya’s deafness is integral to who she is and how she engages with the world.  But it’s by no means her defining trait. She’s a strong, kind, and powerful character. I believe that casting her as such a strong person in the show was a wonderful move for the show. 


So, should you watch it? I would say yes. The first season is short and sweet, yes, but there are deep moments that will drag you back in wanting for more. Hopefully, the next season will arrive soon so we can see more character development and the stunning world of Xadia.


Have you already watched The Dragon Prince? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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