Top 10 Anime I Love For Different Reasons Other Than Plot

So this was a topic I put a lot of thought into. This took so long to get right, so I’m actually happy with the decisions I made. Also, I’m holding off of the stories for a while, I got big things planned for those as well, so they will be on a short break. Anyways, let’s get into the list.

10. Tokyo Ghoul 

 This is where stuff gets heavy. Tokyo Ghoul is and will always be my favorite anime of all time. The characters are amazing, the art style is damn awesome, and the plot is epic. College student Kaneki Ken was your ordinary solitude bookworm with your typical high energy friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika. One day in the coffee shop of Anteiku, Kaneki spotted his crush, Rize. After finally getting his dream wish of going on a date with Miss Rize and confirming his love her, she shows her true self and becomes a Ghoul, taking a bit out of his shoulder before tossing him around and almost killing him by impaling his body. After a freak accident of steel support beams crushing her, Kaneki was saved by her organs being transplanted into him, making Kaneki a half-human, half-ghoul. It’s a very psychological anime and I love it to bits as it gets towards the part of Kaneki accepts his ghoul side. Now, the reason I love this anime so deeply is how well I can relate to it. As in the anime, Kaneki suffers from the realization to come to terms with what he truly is. As my life progressed, I began to suffer from serious depression issues. Suicide has been topics once or twice in my life as I never accepted who I was becoming. And just like Rize to Kaneki, I actually created a split personality to help cope with that. I never really let my other grey side take over me and instead embraced with poems that I wrote. It got me actually a little bit more happier in my life, and this anime reminds me of that.

9. Attack On Titan 

My favourite mainstream anime on this list is none other than AoT. The story is pretty simply, man struggles to survive against the titans, combating them until one day, everything is changed when they found out that people inside their ranks are becoming titans as well. Attack On Titan is one of the best in my favorites because it was the first anime I seen where people had to cast away their humanity in order to defeat monster. What I meant is, I saw this before I saw Bleach, Hellsing, or even Tokyo Ghoul, and that’s why I love it so much or It might actually be because it was my first raw and gory anime.


8. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi 

This was actually one of the most interesting anime I ever seen and it was totally for me in this aspect. The story of this anime revolves around a student named Aoi and her ability to see ayakashi. One day, a demon appears and declares that Aoi’s grandfather has a huge debt to pay and that her being his bride would be compensation. Aoi refuses and decided to open a Bed & Breakfast in their land. The actual reason this anime was so good to me, was because of all the well placed Japanese folk lore that I witnessed. It was literally oozing out of the anime and I couldn’t get enough. I highly recommend this anime.

7. Hellsing 

What to say about Hellsing? This amazing anime was completely different from what I was used to. It was more dark, grim, and barely left a space for happiness in this anime. The story of Hellsing is about a woman named Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and her team of a vampire named Alucard, a vampiress named Saris Victoria, her butler Walter, and a mercenary (Forgot his name, sorry) fighting a nazi-vampire group from taking over the world in what appears to be WWIII. I could just stop there, but that’s only one reason why I love it, the other reason why I love it is for one sole reason and it come from one scene. There was a scene in episode one where Alucard kills a vampire in a house and sprays his blood in a cross. To me, I love things both holy and unholy. It’s just how I am, and for me to get both from one anime, it’s the best anime roller coaster rider.

6. Eromanga-Sensei 

Next up is something more light hearted. This was an anime that I found off a YouTuber as well as memes. Now, bare with me please, not too sure of the plot for this anime, sorry. So, from what I can infer, the anime is about an older brother trying to get close to his reclusive little sister to be more interactive. One day, while watching his favorite art streamer, he realized that his streamer his his little sister. Now, he spends more time with her on artwork. So, the reason I love this anime is because it inspired me to get into drawing for a small time. I always love the artwork of anime and this anime was that push I needed to get into it.

5. Grisaia no Kajitsu 

  Halfway mark of this list and I come with this anime with I haven’t watched in a long time, but still remember it well. The story follows a man name Kazami Yuuji and his life in a “normal” school filled with “normal” classmates. But, there automatically a few point outs. First, including Kazami, there are only six students in the entire school. Another point out is that every student has an individual uniqueness to them. From one girl having multiple personalities to cope with her depression and loneliness to another girl who thinks her punishment is being the sole survivor of a tragic bus accident. Now comes the reason why I love this anime. The backstories behind each character is so well paired to with how they are portrayed. It’s done so well and so accurately that I instantly connected with each of the characters, feeling sad for pretty much all of them. It was the first anime that I genuinely and emotionally cared for.


4. Dragon Ball Z 

Three great mainstream anime back-to-back-to-back. Dragon Ball Z is about a Saiyan named Goku coming to Earth just as his home planet is destroyed by an alien lizard named Frieza. Goku was trained by many masters and becomes one of the strongest fighters in the universe. Now, to the reason I love DBZ. It’s actually more straightforward than the first one: It’s my first anime I ever watched. I was in elementary when I found Dragon Ball Z because it always came on Saturdays in the morning. I casted it aside until one day I sat down and actually watched it. Then, I was hooked to it and shounen anime of all kinds.

3. Bleach 

 Yet another great mainstream anime that I had the joy of watching very late into my otaku life. So, Bleach is about a highschool student named Ichigo Kurosaki. One day, a hollow attacked his family and was also greeted by a Soul Reaper named Rukio. In order to protect his family, Ichigo took the powers of a Soul Reaper to kill it. Now, he is a Soul Reaper to help every soul to go into heaven while defeating Hollows. Now, the reason I love this anime so much, is because of the song I heard on YouTube and the forms he takes on.. There was a video I saw showing all of Ichigo’s forms. One of the songs that played was Skillet – Awake And Alive. Fell in love with the songs and also got me into the anime.

2. Naruto 

Ahhh, Naruto. One of the greatest mainstream anime that was released to the public. The plot of Naruto is a ninja, named Naruto Uzamaki training to be a ninja. One day he graduated in becoming a ninja and is eager to get his dangerous and adventure filled life started. But, to me, that’s not why I like this anime. To me, this anime will be memorable to me because of the fact that I got into it from the games. I played my first Naruto game on PSP then PS3, and finally PS4. At first, I really didn’t like the anime itself, but when I played the games, it kinda changed my view on it.


1. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 

 So, this is my number one pick. If you never seen Monster Musume, it’s about one man that houses multiple monster girls and how they play into his normal everyday life. Now, for most people, since this is an ecchi anime series, they are into the story plot in how sexual every character can get, but not for me. Since I’m a big fantasy dude, I have an actual fascination with monstergirls and how many there are. So, to me, I love seeing the different monstergirls in that anime. Pretty straightforward.

Whewwwwww, that was a ride. I hope you all enjoy this list and tell what you think of it as I come out with my next list, Top 10 Anime Soundtrack. My love for music shall never be quinched. Anyways, take care and see you all soon.


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