Top 10 Anime Soundtracks

Aye, another anime list!! So again, my love for music is getting in this one so y’all can get a bit of my taste in it. With out further ado, let’s jump in it. Also, I’m not going to jump into plot or story lines, just why the music pairs with the anime so well.

1. Clannad

 This is number for obvious reasons. The anime Clannad was an amazing and emotional ride that made me and I’m pretty sure a lot more people cry at the very sad and heartbroken scenes. The music composed throughout the series made an incredible impression on my heart and feelings. That’s why the music in the anime is so memorable to me, is because most anime I watch is pumped and adrenaline filled, high octane music. It was the first anime with the whole anime slowly paced. It still touches me to this day.

2. Butlers x Butlers

This was an amazing anime that I started watching early of this year and instantly hooked by the characters, story, and action parts. It was a nice combination between a chilled school life and intense fight scenes. Just like the anime, the music matches just as well. At some parts of the normal parts of the anime, you can hear a piece of 16th century organ songs like it belonged in a rich family. Other parts are intense instruments that rises and falls with the matching intensities. Perfect two different sides.

3. Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria

This was another anime that I found early of this year and was captured by it. The music composed originally was amazing and was different from any other anime I ever watched. It was mostly opera-like and fit the scenery and time that the anime was held in.  Even the anime was inspired by other cultures that you will see throughout the anime. I’m not one for opera-like music, but this was a huge exception and one of the best. Seriously, you should totally check out this anime if given the chance.


4. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

 The third installment of anime that I found this year. This probably the less serious one on this list considering it is half an ecchi series. Even though it does have its “moments”, the music kinda does capture some of the other moments that happen within its episodes. The slowly building music that happens with the fight scenes with the high expecting climaxes when powers are shown really add in the atmosphere. Alos another series you all should check if you want ecchi and action in the same place.

5. Deadman Wonderland

 This was an anime that my brother showed me way way back, when I was a wee little kitsune trying to figure out why I have a tail. Anyways, Deadman Wonderland was an anime that I probably shouldn’t have watched when I was in middle school. It was probably the first instance when I knew not all anime were for kids. But, if there anything I took from this anime, was that loud rock music was awesome. Like, very awesome. As in, I got a whole playlist, playing guitar here rock band all day with friends and family kinda awesome. The one song that stood out from the rest was One Reason – Fade. This was my first realm into grabbing actual songs from anime. This songs totally fits the insanity from this show produces.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

 Sorry, had to put my favourite in this list. I think the reason I love the soundtrack to this anime so much was because of three songs from the series. The first being the opening to the first season which is Unravel. This song is one of the best that I ever heard and is one of those songs that once you hear the beginning, you just have sing it. The second song was Licht und Schatten by Yutaka Yamada. It’s one of the coolest and most well put together song in this whole anime. And the third song is Seijatachi by People In The Box. Those three songs from this one season was a wild ride along with the anime.

7. Dragon Ball Z

 Yes, of course the music from Dragon Ball Z wasn’t anything special, but to me it was the very definition of an anime with more memorable scenes than music. To be more honest, I liked the music especially in the Cell and Majin Buu saga. Those tracks were the actual definitions of meeting up with a serious boss.


8. Sky Wizards Academy

This was an anime I found along another one called (If I’m not mistaken) Chivalry of a Knight. Anyways, much like Tokyo Ghoul, this anime’s opening was so freaking epic and the vocals was outstanding. Much opposite to the laid back song of the outro which I also fairly enjoyed. The music did an amazing keeping up with the pace in the anime and really did a great job as its selling points.

9. My Neighbor Totoro

 This was one I was thinking about not putting on this list, but now I decided to do that because I couldn’t just leave its nostalgia behind. The music in this anime was so calm and happy with some parts being a little intense that went along well the overall theme of the anime. The reason why I will continue to love this soundtrack because it almost has a certain childhood like feeling to it. One that almost everyone can enjoy listening to.

10. Attack On Titan

 I still thin this anime has the best soundtrack for any other anime of date. From the peril and close brush to extinction of humanity to humanity’s first push back against the titans, you will always be on the edge of your seat as the action and suspense continue to build and build, leaving you wanting more and more of the anime. Maybe that’s why it got three seasons, so far.

That was my top ten anime soundtrack. God, this one was tough thinking of, but hopefully you guys enjoyed this post. I look forward to seeing what are you guys thinking and which ones you agreed with. Till next time ^^



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