Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: my first post coming tomorrow!!

Hello all, this will be my first start and hopefully, a series that I can turn into my own anime. So, Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan (Translated into Me and My Summon) is about a sixteen year old Virtual Summoner, a real world gamer who can enter tournaments and win prizes fans and stardom. The tournaments are called V.S.B. or more commonly known as the Virtual Summoner Battleground, is a major sport that quickly rose on ratings as the new gaming-action television show in Japan and quickly went worldwide, pulling in players from all over the globe.
The sixteen year old in question is Yuuto Anami, a very competitive and friendly online game player. Even in high school, Yuuto finds the time to play a few rounds of online games on his phone, mostly turn-based games where he would collect monsters, battle them, and upgrade them. When Yuuto heard of the V.S.B., he was ecstatic about it and couldn’t wait to enter. His mother and father were a bit skeptical, but then decided to support his career and dreams. His field of work he wanted to join in college was game development. In his journey,Yuuto will meet many challenges, foes, and friends.


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