Amazing Workout Routines – Day 11


She Hulk and Spiderman working out

 Hello everyone, its day 11 of full body workout please remember to make it a routine I do my workouts early in the morning, but schedule yours to when its convenient for you. The exercises are quick,easy and you don’t need to have any gym equipment to do them, you will feel the results after each session.

Wall Push-ups   |   Reps 2

wall push-ups

Reverse Crunch     |    Reps 15

reverse crunch

Table top dip      |     Reps 5

Table top dip

Mountain Climber    |    Reps 15

mountain climber

Air Squat        |      Reps 15

air squat

Straight Arm Plank    |    120 seconds

straight arm plank


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