10 2-sentence horror stories

horror stories short

So, I’ve been thinking about some horror stories. I’m a addicted when it comes to horror, but easily get scared. So, why not share the feeling. Let me know how you all think of these and which one was the scariest to you. I wrote all of these myself.

1. The graveyard shift is always hard to deal with. It’s even harder when you realized your work place is built above a burial site.

2. I was never able to sleep at night. I wish my deceased mother would stop pulling the covers off of me.

3. My daughter was always afraid to sleep alone. One day I asked her and she said “It keeps opening my closet door.”


4. You come home one day and find a figure standing in your kitchen. Once you turn on the light, it vanishes.

5. I always try to go to bed before twelve o’clock. They all knock on my walls around that time.

6. It wasn’t even three months after my wife died when i noticed this one strange sensation. She keeps crawling in bed with me.

7. Every time when you close a door in your home, it would always open back some time later. You blame it on open windows until one day you close all your windows, and one open door closes.


8. My daughter would always leave her baby doll on the floor. One day I happen to pick it up and the eyes on it blinked.

9.  I only see her when lightning strikes. Lightning is not suppose to strike the same place twice.

10. Every time I go to bed, I hear her cries. Every time I go to her grave, they stop.


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