Salty Studio – Manga Review

Oh boy the story really was a big trainwreck. It really did feel like a slice of life with the plot being such a giant mess. It did become confusing especially at the end. I get what the author was trying to do but the way it was carried out in the story felt too awkward and to some degree forced. Other than that, it was enjoyable seeing this group of individuals all being around together for no particular reason other than the company. It felt nostalgic, like spending time with friends but not something like going to the mall. It struck me as doing something memorable with people close to you, something you’d never usually do like hiking or (cough) going to Antarctica. It’s only in those times where you all are experiencing new things together and you see each other not as someone you grew up with or met at school but as who they are with their own distinct background and personality. It’s a raw feeling.
I really admire omoyo’s style of art and the main characters are adorable. It’s a pretty minimalistic and simple style like most webcomics so there’s nothing to really critique.
The characters are amazing. I truly loved how the author displayed how each character dealt with each problem, confronting them and running away from them. They’re all human like with good aspects about them alongside traits that conflicted with others. Their interactions with each other felt human and not an artificial cliche.
I did enjoy this series, even now after rereading it and getting the story fresh in my mind once more. Overall, Salty Studio was heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time.

By choimein


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