A story about your life – best short poems about life

I hold a beast and an angel, a demon and mad man in me,
And imperfect man throughand through, always at war with my demons,
Gaining and losing things in this ever turning wheel,
An unavoidable inescapable  part of life,
Feelings of joy, disappointment, regret, sadness, hope, rage,
Suprise, fear, happiness, contempt, anger and disgust,
Feelings the 7 human emotions and more,
Disappointment and loneliness a necessary emotion,
Because this emotions give me strength, to grab on more onto this world,
With all its imperfections and beauty,
This cycle I press on myself enlightening and expanding my small world,
Then maybe one day I will become a wise man, a sage, a guru of life,
And be able to stretch out my hands to another and help them navigate this path of life.


Blogger / Jujutsu Sorcerer / Unpredictable knuckle head Ninja that spends his free time writing, reading, watching and playing all things Anime, Manga and Gaming.

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