10 2-sentence horror #3

Part three of these stories. Post, which one was the scariest to you.

1. I was so scared when it stared at me. Why did it have my face?

2. I yelled and screamed, but they keep throwing dirt on the coffin. I was beginning to think that they didn’t know I was still alive.

3. Red is my favorite color in the world. Except when it’s spilling out of me.


4. She asked why I couldn’t go to sleep. I asked why she wasn’t breathing.

5. That always terrifies me. Everywhere I go, its eyes follow.

6. My wife isn’t normal. She keeps asking to eat my flesh at night before we go to bed.

7. She blinks once to say yes and shakes her eyes for no. It makes it very uneasy knowing her head isn’t attached to her body.


8. Seeing ghosts is never easy. Battling them for your soul is even worst.

9. My daughter terrifies me. She was stillborn and yet she continues to breathe.

10. Day 385. She just got to start eating my lower intestines.


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