Reasons & Regret

Lying down on the floor
Crying my eyes out for more time than I desired
Feeling my mind going blank and dying out
I thank you for this moment you hae giving
It showed that I was foolish enough to care
To give you a minute without a spare thought
Without a moment lost
I hugged myself
Over and over again I told myself
You can make it through hell
I’m still going through it or have you forgotten that as well
I wished you wouldn’t make those promises
Those statements that are only meant for liars
To stop from suffering the dire consequences
I’m not a perfectionist
But seeing through is the easiest
I can go on for days about the way I behaved
But tomorrow is another day
I can go on by my own pace
I won’t ask for help it’s a disgrace
Following my own heart is the only rejuvenation I have left as a human
To boring to be a god
To satisfied to want to die
To satisfied to become a demon
I can give two Fs about hell or its legion
All I want is reasons to remind me why I feel regret
From what I said to you To cause our death
I fell from grace
I carried you with me on the way down
We sulk in the rain
And didn’t know if our tears were going down our faces
Earth is beautiful
But not in the right places


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