A poem about life
It hurts when I admit to feeling like this

Going through all these feelings
Somehow they all are the same
I can’t cry anymore

My tears have dried
My soul has been drained
And I have been blown away from the wind
Asking myself will I ever smile again
Will I become a whole human being
Or a fragment of its imagination
Something that hasn’t been born
A figment that has been torn

For better or worst
Let us remorse the day we have gain eyes
To see pain and understand why
To gain knowledge and other lies
To move forward with an uneven stride
I wish I can still smile in my life
Feeling empty
What can this be?


Blogger / Jujutsu Sorcerer / Unpredictable knuckle head Ninja that spends his free time writing, reading, watching and playing all things Anime, Manga and Gaming.

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