I feel drained
Slowly becoming insane
Mentally challenged for the capacity of my brain
I’m going down and deeper for my head to reform
Thinking on my memories but can’t remember being born
Inside I’m torn
Slowly becoming a sad little worm that wants to live
Listen to my voice that wants to be heard
I walk from the darkness that houses no shadow
Time for my demons to all fall into the abyss below
I stay above and keep that at bay
A cold tear forms to show my pain but it doesn’t fall
Stuck in my eyes until I’m told to release it all
Listen to my cries and wails of the ones that is deterred from my mind
I don’t wanna fall but too scared to climb
I want to be happy and feel at rest
But for now I guard and forever stressed


Blogger / Jujutsu Sorcerer / Unpredictable knuckle head Ninja that spends his free time writing, reading, watching and playing all things Anime, Manga and Gaming.

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