Amazing Workout Routines – Day 13

Kacchako resting after a workout

  Hi everyone sorry I haven’t been posting the workouts regular like I should, I have just been busy with design the blog and reading up and stuff that I think will help me give you a better user experience, but enough about that. 🙂

  Am going to be posting them regularly now or at least try to keep up with it. so lets get started people. Before we start make sure you stretch out.

Reverse Crunch        |   Reps 15

Step-up onto chair     |   Reps 15

Push-up                         |    Reps 6

Air Squat                       |   Reps 15

Bird Dog                           |  Reps 15

Push-up and Rotation    |  Reps 6

Plank                                    |  55 seconds

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