Abyss Of the Mind

Falling deeper and deeper down,
Reaching a new level,
In a hell of my own making,
I stretch out my hands but to no avail,
I fall deeper and and deeper down.

An architect of my own hell,
I shout and yell but no one hears,
As I go deeper and deeper down,
It seems I am no longer fully in control,
As I descend deeper down.

I crave the social interaction of another,
Hoping to feel connected,
To feel like I am where I am supposed to be,
The currents and my demons continue to pull me,
Going deeper and deeper down.

The image of me slowly disappearing as I go deeper,
I let out one last struggle but to no avail,
I disappear only a bubble rising to the surface, proving my existence.


Blogger / Jujutsu Sorcerer / Unpredictable knuckle head Ninja that spends his free time writing, reading, watching and playing all things Anime, Manga and Gaming.

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