Happy New Year from the MyAnimeGo World 2020!

Hello everyone, and a Happy New Year!!!! from your team at MyAnimeGo. Sorry, it’s coming late.

anime guy celebrating

It’s been an amazing year for us at MyAnimeGo thanks to all of you our old and new readers.

You kept coming back each and every day reading and sharing our ramblings with your friends and family. You are the reason we do this.

We are really happy that last year we were able to come into more people life’s and share our thoughts with you and read yours too.


We have a lot more great content to share with you this year.


I really think it would not be right not to thank you;

  • The readers.
  • Our biggest fans – My mum, my amazing girlfriend & thenerdygirlsnews awesome husband.
  • And our fellow blogger friends.
you keep us going….

And the amazing bloggers like GeekNabe who took time to help us with some technical issues, Thank you!!!!

I was going to write a list of new bloggers like Mia from 9tailedkitsune.com/ but the amazing Irina as already done that, here is a link for that;


New bloggers

And for a list of older amazing bloggers, We have been opportune to meet, tcrow has also compiled a post on that;

And new and veteran bloggers

I would just like to say thank you again all of you and wish you with all my heart a happy new year 2020 to all the people who follow and support us on our blogging journey. XD


May all our wishes for this year happen for us all.

Till next time

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