Ito Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu – Manga Review

  This manga is about Junji Ito’s experience with two cats, that moved in with him and his wife to their new house. The art style is 100% Ito’s, and the story is funny and relatable, at least for us cat lovers.

  At the beginning Mr J. says he prefers dogs over cats, but soon after knowing the felines he wants to know them better and win their affection. The daily situations they encounter are realistic. It’s a simple short story but I enjoyed every chapter.

  I felt personally stroked by this manga because my oldest cat passed away a few days ago, and I found this story to convey the personality of cats in such a vivid manner. Cats do act weird, and I loved them for it.

By NinaGoth


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