Teching Up For 2018. Gifts To Get Your Love Ones This Christmas

Hello everyone, it’s almost Christmas and that means decorations, Xmas dinners, family get together, singing for some, Xmas movies and yes finally but one of the most important the PRESENTS.

Yes, the PRESENTS, that makes kids try to be good all year round, to get the jolly fat man, with his white flowing beard, that goes around the world in one night, giving presents to all the good children and coal to all the naughty ones. A man in the north pole that makes little “elves” make toys almost all year round, Santa seems to be breaking so many labor laws. Maybe that’s why he’s moved his operations to a certain country (just kidding).

So back to the main topic, Christmas is here and you might be finding it difficult to figure out what to buy that special person in your life, but fear not we have got you covered at Yo! D101. We have compiled a list of cool tech that would make Santa check his list more than twice.

Christmas Presents that will impress even the most hard to please person

QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise cancelling headphones

 You can now shut out the world and lose yourself in the music with these head headphones. They are designed for iPhone products but it’s now available for Samsung and Android. It doesn’t hurt your ears and it’s safe to use for hours all the while giving you clear quality sound. And it is an Aware mode so with a press of a button you can hear what’s happening around you. Plus it’s not big and clunky for those who don’t like the light and portable. Here is the link to get yours now LINK TO GET YOURS


Polaroid Pop

Its an instant digital camera that is just 3.5×4.25″, allowing you to just pose, snap and print all in one, no computer needed. And the LCD touchscreen lets you see your picture before you allow it to print out, also allowing you to add filters, sticker features to your pictures and edit pictures in Gallery. You can do GIFs on it and record 1080p/720p HD videos. Wi-Fi capability and also connects your phone to it, to print photos on your phone. SD card memory capacity of up to 128 GB. LINK TO GET YOURS

Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

It’s a fitness and sleeps tracking ring all in one combined into a ring. Yes, this is wonderful for fitness. They are also comfortable and stylish or tell me, you don’t like it.  It tracks activity, sleep, and heart rate helping you set goals to improve your health. It’s durable and waterproof, so you never have to take it off and the battery life is great too, lasting for 3 days before you need to charge. LINK TO GET YOURS


If you have a loved one that’s into cycling, this is the gift for them. It fits any bike, used primarily for navigation. It has a speedometer, a clock, phone battery power display. The battery life is wonderful lasting 4 weeks, super-sharp display, shock, and waterproof, telling you how durable it is. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

PlayStation 4 Pro 

One console on every gamer’s list. No word yet on a new console, but here is what PlayStation is giving us the PlayStation 4 pro as dynamic 4k gaming and entertainment, improved connectivity, graphics that make every little element in your game comes more life-like and allow you to play any PlayStation game on it. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS


Xbox One X

Also feel the 4k power with the new Xbox one x, with faster processing, more memory, faster memory bandwidth, and more realistic graphics. LINK TO GET YOURS

Sony Bravia 

Sony TVs are great with 4k display and great sound quality can go wrong with this. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

XENVO Camera Lens Pro

If you know anyone who loves taking pictures on their phone, which is basically everyone this is the gift for them. Letting you take even better pictures and videos with your phone, making you get more of does like. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

DJI Phantom 3 standard 

It’s a drone, do I even have to convince you why you need one. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS



It’s a cool hand-free electric skateboard, it’s nice. You footpads on the board to move it back and forth. Turning a simple walk into a fun ride around and at a top speed of 20mph. Plus with no controller, you have to only charge one device, the board. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

Hydro-Beat Illumination Speaker

Perfect gift for any actives with water, listening to music in the shower, pool, and anywhere without worrying about water, recking your device. Plus it has lights that light up in the dark, bringing the rave to your pool or any water activity. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

IRobot Roomba Vacuum

Why Vacuum yourself, when you can get a robot to do it and with Roomba, you can. It also has scheduled cleaning options. Great for your super clean and too lazy to clean loved ones. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS


You can now tell the air quality of your environment with plume. Useful in polluted areas, great gift for clean freak friends or friends with kids. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS


Top Ocean Wave Light Projector

Wonderful gift to give creates a cosy environment so you can drift off to sleep. Nice gift for both kids and adults. The cool light display makes you feel like you are in the ocean and it comes with an mp3 player, playing the most calming sounds. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS

Nintendo Switch

Everyone loves it and who can blame them, it’s awesome you play your games, wherever and whenever, you want. Turning into a console or portable system. Other game consoles, you take a lead on this too. Here is a LINK TO GET YOURS

Google Pixel 2

It’s a great gift to give, And just putting it out there but won’t mind if a fan gifted me one. Anyways seriously now the cameras are great like all things Goggle, clean design, and OS is always up to date with the best OS for android. LINK TO GET YOURS

Alienware 13 R3

If you are looking for one of the best gaming laptops, this is it. With VR-ready graphics and OLED display. Here is the LINK TO GET YOURS


So these are some of the things you can get that special person in your life this Christmas. Let me know what you think in the comment, let me know if there is something you would have like to see on the list and you can message me any time I always want to hear from you.



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