Webcomic Loading Artist things you didn’t know about the man behind the Comics

Loading Artist is a comic I came upon by accident while browsing through news feed on facebook and ever since then I’ve been hooked

New Zealand webcomic written and illustrated by Gregor Czaykowski, who describes the comic as being “about many things, sometimes revolving around an artist who wants to become rich and famous.”

Czaykowski was inspired to his dream to be a cartoonist by the comic strip Garfield. So he started up Loading Artist in January 4,2011.Ever since his been constantly making upgrades to improve the user experience and comic humor

His drawings are filled with simple and colourfull characters with all sorts of facial expressions in  every day situations and cover a wide variety of themes.


Here’s the link to his website www.loadingartist.com

Samples of his works




D1 Rotimi
D1 Rotimi

A jack of all trades, but master of few. He likes writing both fact and fiction, eating anything that looks tasty, pretending his life is an anime,loves watching movies, anime and reading manga,occasional a smart ass but cool and calm at the same time, pondering the bigger questions in life, and playing games of all sorts.

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