Who is Izuku Midoriya’s dad?

So Izuku Midoriya dad so far as not made an appearance on Boku no Hero Academia and it makes me even more curious about him- is he a villain, a hero, someone cool maybe I would really love to know.

We at Yo! D101 are got curious too, so we decided to do some digging and here is what we found out;

Name: Izuku Hisashi

Gender: Male


Quirk: Fire Breath

Mentioned in Chapter 1 and Episode 1  

At some point in his life, he meet Inko (Midoriya’s mum ) and they got married and they had Izuku. And is currently working abroad. The name Hisashi means “a long time ago”- meaning it’s been a while since I last saw you, which I find brilliant since we haven’t seen him yet in the story. So far he’s not been home.

Could he be Lunch Rush

Name unrevealed, face unrevealed, Quirk: Unknown. Apparently really good at cooking.

Could that contraption that’s attached to Lunch Rush’s face? Be some kind of mechanism, that, collects his FIRE BREATH so he has a portable cooker attached to him so he can cook anywhere.

Maybe Hisashi learned from Inko how to cook really, really well. Maybe Izuku doesn’t know his dad works for UA. Maybe all he knows is that his dad works as a Chef for some fancy restaurant. Maybe there is a reason why Hisashi’s keeping his Lunch Rush identity a secret. Maybe Hisashi is just so busy with his Lunch Rush life at UA so that’s why we rarely see him at home.


I think that Midoriya’s father died when Midoriya was young, possibly while doing hero work. We haven’t seen him in ANY scene I remember. She is never seen working, but taking care of the house and only feeding Midoriya. If the father died and left her alone while Midoriya was young, especially if he had a state job, the family would likely be compensated for the rest of their lives and she might just be keeping it from Midoriya. Cause let’s think about it if he was alive wouldn’t he have wanted to come home and see his son that suddenly develops quirks.

For now we can only speculate till Kohei Horikoshi decidea to tell us, but am sure he will make an appearance eventually, maybe as a villian, super hero or just a regular civilian only time will tell.


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