DIY(Or Not) Angels of Death Cosplay

Even after being out for a while, fans are still talking about this awesome anime. I might be biased being a fan myself, but everywhere I go (online) there are still references, fanfiction, fanart, and of course COSPLAY about it.

Angels of Death Cosplay

With the fandom still being a favorite, I decided to do a more in-depth way to actually cosplay as these characters. Cosplay is already a way to express ourselves. It’s a way to feel and even be like our favorite characters. Maybe, in this case, it wouldn’t be the best idea to go on a killing spree, but we can still dress like our favorite psychos!

Angels of Death Cosplay: Zack

angels of death cosplay zack

Of course, Zack would be first. When it comes to AoD, he is the most talked about. Here at myanime2go, we’ve already written several articles about him such as if he’s a psychopath or sociopath or how the ending really went down.


We can start with the DIY version first. Zack’s outfit consists of dark red pants, combat boots, and of course, the signature bloody brown hoodie and scythe. He has dark black hair that you can wear a wig for or simply style your own.

All in all, his is fairly easy to do. After all who doesn’t love wearing jeans and a hoodie anyway? FOr his bandages, you can use gauze-like some people do but in my opinion, it’s easier to use face paint to keep it from looking bulky and more natural.

Link HERE for a youtube tutorial on zack’s face makeup(aka bandages)done by Hope & Shota that was very easy to follow.

Angels of Death Cosplay Rachel Gardner “Ray”

angels of death cosplay rachel gardner ray

Next up is Rachel, Zack’s new partner in crime. I really find the character of Ray interesting since it’s hidden for so long that she’s actually a resident. Some people hate the thought of her and Zack being OTP but I can totally see it happening. Not right now OF COURSE but after they’ve both grown more and dealt with their issues.


Someone mentioned Zack might have PTSD and/or schizophrenia and I can see that. Rachel on the other hand seems to have Stockholm Syndrome with her family, something I can relate to. Families are supposed to protect you and to love/care for you. Ray was given the short end of the stick with a father that gets drunk and beats her and a narcissistic mother. They treat her like she’s a doll that they can bend to do their bidding and just put on a shelf when they’re done.

Okay, rant over. Let’s get to cosplay.

You can do a simple black and white shirt(or tank) with a black pair of shorts, black booties, and a long white jacket. Most of us will definitely need a wig to get to her long blonde hair. I don’t know how she takes care of it. For real, the tangles and upkeep must be going strong.

angels of death cosplay rachel zack

Angels of Death Cosplay Eddie

angels of death cosplay eddie edward mason

Edward Mason “Eddie” is also another fairly easy one to do. The hardest part for him would-be his helmet. Otherwise, you just need a white shirt, overalls, and black boots. Eddie is another fairly popular character. His obsession with Rachel isn’t the best but he’s not the worst.


Angels of Death Cosplay Cathy

angels of death cosplay cathy

Cathy is a bit harder to do but you can easily make it with a black suit dress(skirt and blazer) and thigh-high black boots. Her signature hair is blonde with pink tips. You could try temporary hair dye(usually lasts for about one day) or use the wig. Otherwise, grab your whip and practice the maniacal crazy laugh.

AoD Danny

angels of death cosplay danny daniel dickens

Danny…I still don’t know what to think of him. Out of the bunch, I think he’s the craziest. Wanting to steal Rachel’s eyes.. just gives me the shivers thinking of how he most likely did that with others.

His outfit consists of a black suit with a collared shirt (you can use white if needed or a pale blue) and a white lab coat. Otherwise, just work on being as creepy as you can be. Just kidding. Please don’t do that.

AoD Gray:

angels of death cosplay gray

Gray isn’t as popular as the first two or say Eddie, but he’s still a pretty good character. After all, he’s the one that made the building and the rules. As horrible as it would be to be a sacrifice there, I do like the fact that he made a family of sorts for Zack and Ray.


His cosplay outfit is black pants, a white shirt(collared) with a dark purple vest, and a long purple coat. Just grab a necklace with a cross and carry a bible and you’re all set.

This was just the DIY version of all the characters in Angels of Death. Sometimes it’s just easier to get it all at once and end up saving money in the long run. Here is the complete version you can buy online to make it so much easier.

Have you already cosplayed as one of them? Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below!

As always,


Keep Smiling!


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