Fortana & Futura Chapter 5

   “You have a Duskwalker as a son?!” my voice couldn’t be raised anymore than it already was.
     “You don’t have to yell you know. I’m right here.” why was she so nonchalant about this?
   I wondered why the All Father did not have anything to say on this matter. It’s almost like he does not care. The one that tried to kill me is your watcher’s son. I had as much anger as I did questions, but I knew she would never answer them. I walked in and aimed my fist towards a wall before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. I took a seat across from her, looking at Elisia.
     “Why do you think he needs Futura?” the All Father questioned. He’s as calm as ever.
     “Beats me. I haven’t seen him in over a hundred years. From Tagua point of view, he has gotten much stronger. It was a brilliant fight between you two.” she shot a mischievous smile at me.
     “This isn’t about me!” I yelled.
     “Calm down my child.” said the All Father, placing a hand on my shoulder.
     “Look, I know this bad,” Elisia started again.
     “But questioning is going to help us. Especially at this moment.”
     “Why this moment exactly?” I looked up at her. Her voice change was alarming.
   At that exact moment, a defining explosion was heard through Heaven. The room shook with intense ferocity that ceiling and walls came crashing down over us. The All Father clung to the curtains in the room. Screams and terror could be heard outside below us as angels scrambled while a few Archs was seen flying towards the source of the noise. I pulled out my blessed sword and stared very unfriendly daggers at Elisia. She had to have known about this.
     “I told you.” she sounds so sure of herself. “Now go and find out what that is while I protect the All Father.”
   I stared at her more before extending my wings and flying through the window behind the All Father. Glass shards rained down below as I searched the horizons for what dared attacked us. I then felt a cloud of dark energy nearby. Without hesitation, I flew towards it at high speeds that everything around me was basically blurry waves. Arriving to the spot, I found a familiar face standing in front of a gaping hole that pierced the heavens and several Arch angel warriors. They all laid lifeless before him except one that was struggling to remove his boot from over his chest. I could hear the sound of his chest cavity being crushed as Dante applied pressure.
     “I told you Tagua. Angels are weak and pathetic towards real warrior. They fight for protection, only scaring their enemies.” I gritted my teeth as the angel belowed him yelled in agony.
     “Tagua! Kill this son of a bitch!” I then watched as tried to spawn a light arrow and drive it into Dante’s leg.
     “That’ll be enough of that.”
   Dante pressed his foot down and crushed the angel’s chest and heart. Watching with a small dark grin, Dante reverted his eyes back to me. Holding his hand out, his black hammer spawned from a black mist and then smashed it down on the angel’s head. I tensed up and flew down at high speed towards the Duskwalker, gearing my sword back for an attack. I didn’t if this was Elisia’s son right now, he needed to die.
     “Let us show Heaven and Hell what real warriors are!” he was getting annoying.
   Our weapons clashed together, making a small shockwave that cleared a good room for us to battle. We locked in a battle before I pushed off him and flew up in the air. I held my hand out to form a gold casting circle, launching a barrage of homing magical missiles at him.
     “Ohh, this is good.” he slammed his handle down into the ground, forming a black mist wall in front of him, blocking majority of the projectiles I casted.
   I then smirked and turned my hand slightly to the left with the casting. A few more missiles curved around his wall and aimed for his back. I was surprised to see him turn quickly, but not fast enough. He held his hammer in front of him, but several of my attacks hit his chest. He flew back with a groan of agony before I flew towards, holding my sword back then striking him into the ground with a thunderous clap as he connected with the floor. I landed a few meters in front of him before turning around and seeing a dust cloud slowly dissipating. I waited some more before seeing him standing with his hammer at his side. I knew it. That attack barely did damage.
     “I’m impressed. Usually attacks like that is easy to shrugg off. You are different the rest of the Arch angels in Heaven.”
     “I fight to kill Dante. I only protect what I don’t mind losing.”
     “Very well thought answer.” he smirked before taking off at him and gearing his hammer back.
   I jumped back before he slammed his hammer right where I was standing, erupting another hole inside of Heaven. I stood shock that such a weapon could be made. I gritted my teeth more before blocking his hammer with my sword again. This time his strikes were more precise and quicker. I saw an opening. I drew my sword forward at his head before it suddenly stopped. It caught on a small hook on the side, causing us to both throw our weapons to the side. We stood in flight in the air, a crowd below watching us brawl.
     “You can accomplish so much more outside of Heaven. Why fight to keep this place standing?” he asked like he was ginuenly interested.
     “This wasn’t my choice.” I stated coldly, taking position for hand to hand combat. “What do you hope to achieve here? Revenge? Striking terror into our heart?”
     “Oh no. Much worst than that.”
   He shot forward at me and kneed me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me before putting his elbow in my back and sent me into the ground with another thunderous clap of cracking ground. I stood and glared at him before shooting back up. We countered each other without getting before I caught his leg while he was going for a spinning over head kick. I turned his body before turning and planting my knee into his back and a blast of magic into it as well. He growled and turned towards me with true anger.
     “You going to answer me or die?”
   He smiled before taking stance as well.
     “The fall of Heaven.”


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