Haru to Bonkura – an underrated manga

I’ve never written a review before, but considering only 141 people currently have this on their list and even less have actually read it, I feel the need to leave my thoughts here for anyone that may stumble across this entry like I did.

I think I can safely say I’ve never read a better piece of literature in my life. I was absolutely captivated at the level of depth the author was able to put into a mere 4 disconnected chapters with unrelated characters. Every moment of each story was entertaining, well-written, and (most importantly) extremely interesting. It managed to be thought-provoking without feeling pretentious, and never spelled anything out for you; every message or theme was left up to the reader to find for themselves. Not only this, but each short story was super satisfying and left me wanting more (in a good way).

Considering I only found this manga through clicking on the Users button under the Community tag, picking a random user that happened to have this as their profile picture, and reverse-google-image-searching the picture until I was able to find this MAL entry, I think I can safely say this is criminally unpopular. I urge anyone that manages to find it to give it a shot

By Zurheide


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