Incase iconconnected – the Powerbank for the Laptop

With the Incase IconConnected case that protects and charges your Macbook Pro, you will never need to be looking for a place to recharge when out and about. It’s a laptop sleeve with a 14,000mAh battery pack, with a hidden pocket for a USB-C cable and ports on the bottom to let you plug in a USB-C or a regular USB Type-A to recharge your phones, other gadgets and MacBook Pro while in the case.

It’s available for the MacBook Pro 13 and 15, and it will only cost $200. Its a power bank for your laptop, but my only two problems with it is its only for the MacBook so far and it doesn’t charge the laptop while it’s inside the case, but it allows it to connect to the battery when removed from the sleeve.

And am really surprised why it can not actually recharge your MacBook Pro while it’s in the case. For example even if it’s connected in your bag as you move around you won’t meet, your battery fully charged when you bring it out. So for now it’s just an extra battery pack that is smaller and can be used to charge your other devices but not your laptop. Which is a shame for $200.

But according to Incase, the Power Sleeve is able to provide more than one charge to the MacBook Pro and multiple charges for devices with smaller batteries like your phone for example. It will launch in Q3 2018.


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