Might Of Iron Chapter 3: An Opportunity

 Mikal began running from door to door in Hucus, searching for the other Orcs that went after the other residents. Each house he searched has been ransacked or trashed. He ran to one more house and kicked the door open, looking around the living room before hearing a woman’s scream coming from the upstairs.
      “Hold on miss!” he called out, running up the steps and into the room where he heard muffled crying.
   There, Mikal saw an Orc with a blade held at her throat, readying himself to chop her head off. His other hand was covered her mouth that the woman desperately tried to free. Tears ran down from her hazel brown eyes and onto her cheek as she prayed in her mind that the terrible brute holding her would go away.
      “You killed one of our blood!” the orc stated, pointing his blade at Mikal, who stared back intensely. “Your blood will be spilt all over this room.”
      “Don’t worry ma’am, I got this under control.” Mikal calmly said, holding his sword and walking forward.
   The woman became less hysterical and the Orc became more tense as he threw the woman aside and rushed at Mikal, swinging his blade over head to split his opponent’s head open. The woman fell on the couch and scrambled over to the corner as Mikal blocked his blade with his sword. He found this Orc to be much weaker than the first one he fought, coming to a conclusion that this one was much younger. The woman watched as Mikal pushed the Orc off of him and moved forward quickly to slash across his torso. The Orc let out a cry of pain and dropped his weapon before Mikal impaled his jugular vein with his knife. A blood gurgling sound was heard from the brute before he slid off Mikal’s weapon and fell to the floor dead. He then turned to the scared woman and walked and patted her shoulder.
      “Are you okay?” he asked sincerely.
      “Y-Yes.” she frantically answered, her body still shaking slightly. “Thank you very much.”
      “It’s no trouble. Stay here and keep quiet. I’m going to go find the other Orcs.”
   He ran out with his sword and left house. She waved and let out a sigh of relief as now another problem rose to her attention. One that stinks a whole bunch.
      “Ewww, that smells.”

   In the inner city of Kremvor, most of the Orcs were either dead or pushed back and fled by their leader. The legional fighters were cheered in their victory against a blind raid. King Windor and his first commander Carolin Arthur walked through the battletouched district. There, they saw many bodies laid and strewn about while fallen legion fighters were respectfully laid next to each other in a military salute. Each of their sword has been placed above their heads with their helmets placed on the handle of the sword.
      “It pains me to see so many fallen soldiers fallen to protect their home, people, and country.” Carolin sorrowfully spoke, her head held down as she blessed their bodies.
      “It pains me as well. They were all good men and women.” Windor added, looking among his men.
   Carolin joined Windor’s rank as the first female Paladin to enter and protect Edonia. She came in from another far away town called Seeroch, a main center for trade and purchases items in bulk. There, Carolin was part of a militia to prevent thieves and other crimes. Her achievements and medals were very impressive and her sergeant appointed her to the legion of Edonia to be a very helpful fighter. Ever since her arrival, she’s been one of Windor’s most trusted allies to fight alongside with.
      “How many men have we lost today?” Windor asked, turning to his first commander.
      “About a little over hundred.” she slowly reported.
      “That number would’ve been much less should we have been prepared.”
   Carolin nodded and looked around before taking off her helmet. Her red colored hair fell down behind her as she held her head piece to her side. Her skin was a smooth white tone that brought her white eyes and red lips.
      “What about civilian casualties?”
      “Not much has been reported. Most of the casualties was property damage.”
   Windor nodded and looked around before a soldier ran up with an urgent look on his face. He arrived in front of them and kneeled down respectfully.
      “Arise soldier.” Windor announced.
      “King Windor, First Commander Carolin, I have something to report that just came in from one our scouts.”
      “Well, let’s hear this information soldier.” Carolin ordered. He nodded to her words.
      “We have reasons to believe that four to five Orcs entered the small town of Hucus. They should’ve been back and demolished that town by now, but they haven’t. We suspect someone is combating them, and winning.”
   Carolin and Windor both looked at each other with widened eyes and smiles of interest. They knew this would be a great feat and they also needed to meet this sole fighter as soon as possible.
      “First Commander Carolin,”
      “Yes, My King?”
      “Take a team with you into Hucus and defeat the remaining Orcs if there are any.”
      “Yes sir.” she smiled and marched off with the soldier who came at them to arrange a team.
      “This fighter…would be a great addition to the legion of Edonia.”

   In his distinguish house of knowledge, Thiaus and Lilian were both staying quiet in an underground room that Thiaus uses for his spare time to search more lore and secrets of Mejor. They couldn’t hear anything outside as it was pretty sound proof, which made Lilian very nervous. She paced back and forth, her arms around herself while Thiaus watched her with a calm smile.
      “Mrs. Angelheart, I’m sure that your husband is not going to let a bunch of bloodthirsty monsters take over this town. He’s the bravest one in this town.” he tried to assure her.
      “It’s not his bravery I’m worried about.” she softly said, sitting next to Thiaus.
      “Then what is it, if I may ask? Thiaus turned his full attention to her.
      “It’s the thought of me losing him.”
   Outside, the three remaining Orcs all went into Thiaus’s home, trashing and throwing things around above them. Lilian let out a low scream before she placed her hands around her ears and Thiaus breathing heavily.
      “They got to be somewhere in here. Keep searching.” one of the Orcs ordered.
      “Chief Skullcrusher will be very pleased with having a Human woman as his play thing.” another Orc said, causing Lilian to whimper.
   Some more ruffling was heard while a loud slam was heard right above them. They yelled and looked up to see a hole right above them from a hammer. It slammed right through the floorboards to show Lilian and Thiaus looking back up at the three Orcs.
      “Sneaky humans. They were hiding under the floor in a small room.”
      “Break the floor in!”
      “I don’t think so.”
   Lilian and Thiaus then heard a familiar voice above them. They moved closer and saw Mikal standing in front of the foes before him. She smiled as tears of joy and relief came streaming down her cheeks. The three Orcs snorted and huffed at the sight of the lone Human that stood before them.
      “Hey, who are you?” one Orc asked.
      “You got a death wish?”
      “No, I’m just here to save my wife and trusted friend down there.” Mikal said bravely.
   One of the Orcs rushed out in a blind rage and swung his axe into the ground, splitting the wood with ease when Mikal moved back just in time to avoid the attack. They moved out into the gravel and connected their weapon as they fought one another. The other two Orcs ran out to encourage their friend to brutally murder the human in front of them. Lilian and Thiaus got out of the lower room and closed the door and locked it so the other Orcs couldn’t get in. Mikal smiled at their actions and was now free to fight fully. As his opponent swung his axe down, Mikal parried it and sent him to the ground. The other Orcs as well as the two inside the small house watched with their eyes wide. He geared his sword up and ready to deliver the finish stab to his back before one of the other Orcs threw a small hatchet into Mikal’s shoulder, causing a scream from him and sending him back.
      “Mikal!” Lilian screamed and fumbled the door lock before Thiaus stopped her.
      “No Lilian, you can’t go out there.” Thiaus held her back and backed away from the door.
   Mikal began breathing hard through his teeth as he snatched the small hatchet out from his shoulder, causing him to gasp again and holding his shoulder up for a while.
      “Get up Ka’tok. Kill this human.” the other said.
   Mikal knew his speed was decreased from his wound. The Orc rushed him as Mikal awaited his death.
      “Dammit. I’m sorry Lilian.”
   At the moment the brute was about to strike down Mikal, an arrow was fire directly into the side of his head. He fell down with a heavy thud. Everyone stopped and turned as a barrage of arrows killed the others in the same brutal way. Blood began to leak on the ground from the corpses as Mikal, Lilian, and Thiaus all peaked at the team of legional fighters crossing over the crest with Coralin at the front. Mikal let out a sigh of relief and dropped his sword while Lilian practically burst out into Mikal’s arms.
      “Mikal!!” she cried into his chest, her wails being heard as clear as day while Thiaus walked out to meet the small team. “I thought I lost you! I was so terrified!”
      “It’s okay sweetie, I’m here. I’m terribly sorry for worrying you.” Mikal hugged her as he winced at his wound, not being able to fully lift his arm just yet.
      “Well well well, I didn’t think it was true. You really did take out three Orcs by yourself.” Coralin said, seeming very impressed behind her helmet.
      “How did you know?” Mikal asked, his wife also looking at the woman in ironclad armor.
      “That’s not important.” she said, taking her helmet off and surprising the three. “What is important is that King Hiyadus Windor wishes to speak with you.”
   Mikal eyes widened at her words just as the rest of the village came out from hiding.


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