Nintendo switch, PlayStation Vista which to get ? And why They are Awesome !

    Hay everyone, its me again hope everyone is enjoying this festive period, I decide to write about the best handheld game consoles and which I think is the best to get right now , why you ask because they are great. It allows you to game anywhere and everywhere you want.😆😆😆 
     Its the holy grail for gamers to me I think, because of the freedom you get with one, and especially for places with bad power a handheld can be a god send. I know phones can do that too,😆 but performance wise its still not as good as a handheld game console, that is made for gaming. You can get comfy in bed, while you are commuting, at those places you find boring, tiring or any other place and get your gaming on.  
     And to me, mobile phone games are never as good as an handheld game, you can play it and get lost in it for hours. Unlike some mobile games that just seem generic and hold your interest only for a little while, especially if you are a person who loves gaming. You definitely need that extra that only a handheld can give. 
     So what handhelds to me can give you these experiences that you want, or you want to give that special person in your life, this year and its a fight between two rivals in the handheld console industry since 2004 and they are the ;
  • Sony PlayStation vita
  • Nintendo switch
Sony PlayStation Vita 
    Its a handheld game console developed and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its been around since 2011 Japan and 2012 for other countries. It may not be as popular as the Nintendo. but they make up for this with their rooster of exclusive games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss to name a few, indie games, Japanese visual novels if you are into them, lots of role playing games, with Vita’s remote paly, PlayStation 4 games can be played on it when you are away from the TV or just don’t want to stare at a TV screen, but this only works if there is a good network connection, plus you can get some of the classics you loved from the PlayStation one and PlayStation Portable on the Vita, so great for any age, you will be hooked to it.
    With its slim and slick design, it has a 5 inch OLED or LCD captive touchscreen, two analog joysticks and front and shoulder push buttons for input (it had a rear mounted touchpad for game play in games like Little Big Planet). Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and with or without 3G for connectivity. A quad-core SGX543MP for graphic processing and ARM Cortex-A9 MP Core processor. With two cameras to capture every moment, facial detection and tracking ability. A Battery of 2200mAh means it can last for 12 hours.
    Vita can also be used to listen to music or watch movies or series, when your not in the gaming mood or just want to take a break from gaming. A PlayStation Network that offers a lot of social services. So its not just used for gaming.
    Its meant to be Sony’s answer to the trend of mobile gaming on smart phones and tablets. And I think it was a good reply back at the time, to show why we still needed handheld gaming consoles.
    Its great if you are a loyal PlayStation fan, who has a lot of PlayStation thinks because you can easily link them together.  But apart from that I don’t think its worth it, I feel its lacking, getting a PlayStation 4 would be better, its just not portable😢😢 
    You can get it in six colours white, black, light blue, lime green, pink and Khaki. Here is the link for were you can get yours click here
Nintendo Switch
    Its developed by Nintendo. It cam out of this year 2017. It considered an hybrid console because it can be used as an home console or as an handheld console and another thing that makes it a buy for me, is its system doesn’t use region locking, its like the heavens opened when I heard that 😇. which makes it awesome and I think what every gaming console should be able to do dual use 😍😍.
    Its a system that can go toe to toe with PlayStation consoles handheld and home consoles, even the Xbox one is not safe. Its a really capable gaming system, which allows you switch easily from on your couch playing, to an handheld mode on the move, still playing your fave game, you wont miss a minute of  your game, because you don’t need to even pause or shut down the system to switch from home console to handheld console. 
    And the controller is even more out of the world, the controllers are detachable from normal gamepad to controllers at the side of the screen of the Nintendo Switch, it even allows play styles for people who are used to the Wii remote with the dual analog setup.
   It really appeals to a lot of gamers, with the ways it can be used switching from home to handheld console. It uses standard electronic components making it compatible with a lot of gaming engines, that means for you more games can be made for it, and allows it to compete with the large roaster of PlayStation vita games. And it has Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Zelda should bring a lot of memories for old gamers, so that’s one reason to get it, exclusively to it. Also exclusive to it  Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2; indie game and big AAA games like Doom and Shovel Knight.
 With a weight of 10.5 oz, it has a 6.2 inch 720p captive touchscreen LED display and 1080p on HDMI while in home console, comes with controllers called Joy-Con, they can be attached to the console or attached to a grip and used as a gamepad and also use as two individual controllers for two player mode. Eight Joy-Con controllers can be connected at a time. Joy-Con comes in different colours, so your console can be different and be to your taste. Connectivity is not as good as the PlayStation Vita, it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and USBs. A octa-core 4 x ARM Cortex-A57 and 53 for a processor, for graphic processing Nvidia GM20B Maxwell-based GPU. A battery of 4,310mAh means it can last for 6.5 hours shorter time than the Vita, but with so many functions, I think we can give it a pass on this.
  Here is the link to get yours click here

   So remember to leave your thoughts and comments, I am always happy to hear from you, and if your thing I didn’t mention one buzz me I would like to hear from you.

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