Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: Episode 2 – Summoner

Picture of Light Novel Watashi to Watashi no Shōkan: Episode 2 - Summoner

   All the students in the school were now seated at the Izukashi Stadium, where the first Virtual Summoner battle would commence. Easily spotted by their uniform, Yuuto, Ayato, and Nayako were barely able to keep themselves still as the energy from the growing crowd amplified their own energy. The battleground for the fight was a simply concrete square surrounded by grass that was trimmed neatly. But thanks to the technological advances throughout the years, with simple code inputs, it would go to a much more scenic background that could boost a certain attribute to one of the Summoner’s main fighter. The three friends waited eagerly as they talked among each other.
      “This is going to be so much fun!” Yuuto said, looking over to Ayato and Nayako, “I heard the two Summoners battling are the strongest in the entire league. Their Summons are so alike, they can battle forever and almost no one would come out the victor.”
      “Okay Yuuto, we get it.” Ayato said, sitting back with his arms crossed and eyes closed.
      “C’mon Ayato,” Nayako said, bopping his head softly. “Of course Yuuto is gonna be a little annoying. No one here is better at knowing this stuff than he is.”
   Yuuto giggled with a slight blush as Ayato sighed then smiled over at the boy and decided to jump in on the fun of spreading talk as well.
      “Well, you are true. These two are basically equal.” Ayato added. “Do you have any idea what their names are?”

      “Well, personally I don’t. Most Summoners are known by their fighter names.”
      “Do you know their fighter names?” Nayako asked.
      “Yeah,” Yuuto happily answered. “One is The Serpent King and the other is The Elven Assassin. Both are Silent Type fighters that excel in poison and shadow techniques.”
   Nayako and Ayato looked at each other in surprise by how much their friend researched the Virtual Summoner Battleground. At the center of the battleground, a man in a white suit stepped up with bright green colored hair. With a microphone, he smiled and got ready to make his announcements.
       “Ladies and Gentlemen, gamers and virtualist alike, welcome to the opening battle of Virtual Summoner Battleground!!” the crowd cheered in a mighty roar. “This is what the whole world has been waiting for, the very first battle of the Virtual Summoner League. For our first battle, it is one of the greatest battle that’ll happen all year. The Serpent King versus The Elven Assassin!!”
   The crowd continued to keep the electrifying energy in the beginning of the event. The dome turned into two different colors. One side of the dome was a dark green with a high resolution of a anthropomorphic lizard with two Arabian style blades.  On the other side was red with a green clad elf with two short curved swords. The animation then showed as both fighters came together and stared each other down as the crowd cheered louder and the two Summoners stepped up. The man with the long black hair waved to all of his fans. He wore a black T-shirt that had a purple knife on his shirt with black pants and white sport shoes. The woman with red hair wore a red long sleeve shirt and short pinks pants with black and white knee high socks and black slippers. They both stood beside the announcer waving to the crowd and then shook each other hands.
      “Today, these two skilled gamers will battle it out in a way that will be held first today in Japan!!” the crowd cheered once more, getting hyped as the final seconds became closer. “Now Summoners, grab your gear and wait for the signal!”
   As the announcer walked off, the two battlers turned held their wrist up, showing a bright coloured watch. The man own was green while the girl’s was golden. A bright light was blasted from both of them which made the crowd shield their eyes. As the light died down, the crowd looked to see two very tall warriors that shadowed their summoners. One was a lizard that resembled a komodo dragon with two swords on his hips and well placed plating from shiny purple armour. It hissed as it drew its weapons with a ferocious roar. The other was a light skinned elf with long lock of flowing hair and bright green eyes. Its lower face was hidden by a small piece of green fabric. His chest and legs were protected by the same coloured fabric with golden traces.
      “Hmph, filthy creature.” the elf said as he took his curved blades and took a stance.
      “The fight will be present in the Arabian Dust Castle!!” the crowd cheered as the scenery changed in a whoosh with the crowd being more pumped than ever. The serpent hissed as the elf narrowed his eyebrows and held his blades tighter. “Begin!!”


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