4 Scary Stories of Things that Go Bump in the Night

   Hey everyone, it’s been a while we have written any scary stories update, so here it is hope you enjoy reading it and scares you even if it’s just a bit. 😈😈
So here we go ;

The Calling

     Laura was like any other teen age girl, she liked to hang out with her friends and party to really late, which made her school grades suffer. So to get her back into a honor student her parents and her teachers thought she just needed extra lessons. So this meant staying longer in school, no partying and no internet.

     This days felt like hell to Laura, so it was like another day she tagged “Dog Days”, she had extra lessons, a long reading session and she decided to do all her projects and assignments, by the time she was done it was late. So she got off from her usual spot in the library and began to move to the door, as she left she thought she saw a figures from the corner of her eye and a voice say something.

    Making Laura freak out and rush out of the room, entering the dimly corridor, shutting the door behind her. She was shaking a bit, a freaked out by what she had just seen. When she had finally calming herself down after a few seconds and reminding herself, she’s tired and just imagining things or its probably just another student messing with her.

    She looked up and what she saw made her pause and immediately wet herself, blood covered everything, dripping from the ceiling, on the walls, floors, the bookshelves, computer, with what looked like mangled meat, chunks and bone, it was a massacre. At the very end of the library was a figure completely covered in blood, the blood around it like a Vail. It was crouched down, it’s head bent down, distracted with something small and white in what seemed like hands, it had claws on it.


    Laura began to breath heavily again completely shaking, it seemed to hear her cause it began to raise it’s head. She began to step back quickly the look of horror in her eyes. Falling down by a small pool of blood, as she backed away hitting her head and back against the wall. She knew if whatever in that room saw her, she was dead. Her eyes fixed on the door, but nothing came out. She kept thinking this couldn’t be possible that she most have fell asleep and was having a bad dream.

   After a few minutes of waiting with nothing emerging from behind the door, she began to get up thinking she had to get out of here, blood on her close and hands now. She runs down the straight corridors finally stopping after a bit, when the images of what she as seen begin to appear in her mind again, she leans against a locker and throws up.

   She’s teary eyed by the time she stops and completely shaking, praying this is just a dream and she will soon wake up from it. As she is trying to get herself together that’s when she hears it, whispering down the corridors she came from and the lights going out, as the whispering comes closer and closer.

   She begins to run the corridors seems to be stretching out as she runs, never seeming to get closer to the exit doors, out of this whatever it is. The whispering becoming louder and louder and more audible. They voices saying ;

                “Get her, get her, she most not leave” 
  The voices saying this over and over again, she tries to run faster and faster, but it’s an unavoidable faith, the corridors stretching out in front of her till finally she’s engulfed in the darkness herself. 
   The voices stop calling for her, she looks around trying to make out anything in the darkness but sees nothing. She calms down a bit and can see the light from the exit door. Happy that this nightmare is over she begins to run for the door when a white hand from the darkness behind her grabs her left leg, making her fall to the floor. Then the voice begin again this time laughing as she tries to lose herself from the grip of the white hand. As Laura struggles a dark hand grabs her right hand, the voices laughing louder and louder as more hands both white and dark grab her and begin to drag her into the darkness. Some of the voices laughing and saying ;
“You can never leave us”
The laughing and voices continues, as Laura is dragged away, she continues to struggle, her nail digging into the floor, hands covering her completely then in a blink of an eye she’s dragged into the darkness deeper. 
   Laura wakes up on her desk from her dream completely shaken, she feel asleep in her room while reading. Happy it was all just a dream, as she is about to get up from the desk, she feels those same claw hands from the thing in the library on her cheeks and the laughter of the voices
“We told you, you could never leave” 
  The claws are so shape from just a touch a stream of blood is seen going down Laura cheeks. Screams from Laura heard from inside room, by the time her parents are able to open her door, the room is a bloody mess covered in blood.   

The Boy with No Eyes

  One night when I was 10, I was asleep in bed and was woken up by my bedroom door opening then someone sitting on my bed. I felt the graze on my leg and the bed sink as they sat. Thinking it was my mom having something to tell me, I open my eyes only to see a pale, eyeless (just black empty sockets) boy who seemed to be my age sitting at the foot of my bed with his legs crossed “staring” at me, or facing my direction since he had no eyes.
  He then reached his hand toward me and he was holding what looked like a little black box. I was freaked out, but as I reached to grab it, he hesitantly pulled back. I reached out further for it and said “give it”. As I did so, my mum came in hearing all the noise I was making, in a blink of an eye, he was gone, the spot of the bed where was sitting lifted back into place but the imprint of someone sitting there was still present. I told my mom what happened and she was freaked out and by the next day our pastor came over and blessed the house, and I never saw the boy again.
   After eight years, I had my girlfriend over to do homework. After homework she fell asleep, while she waiting for me cause I was busy helping her with something down stairs.  We heard her scream on getting upstairs, we found her scared shaking wit a cut on her arm, her eyes fixed looking in the direction of the corner of the room where the wall meets the ceiling, her finger pointed in that direction. And then she fainted. We attempted to wake her again, when she became conscious, she ran out of my house, after months of being absent from school, I went to see her at her house. She was so scared by everything and her hair had gone white, I asked her what happened she just screamed, her mom and dad who was a doctor came in and sedated her.

   As I left her mom, explained to me what she said she saw. She said, she had seen a little boy with no eyes on my ceiling staring at her, and that’s all she would say before, screaming like I saw her did. I was freaked out and just ran home and tell my mom, what she told me. We moved out of the house a few weeks later and moved to a new town.

   Five years, I had gotten married, and we had a three year old son. We were living together in a house, I had bought. Our son would wake up at the same time every night and start talking. For a while we thought it was a normal child thing, until I noticed it was almost the same conversation every night. I playfully asked him one night who he was talking to every night. He responded, “a little boy, he talks to me, he’s nice. He’s lost and looking for a friend.” I wanted to question him more, but then he started coughing and got really sick and was at the hospital. Then he got better and we brought him back home.

    We were so happy to have him back home and healthy, then one night our son disappeared, we looked for him for months. The police going in and out of our house. We loved him so much and it broke our hearts, it drove us apart. We decided to get a divorce and as we packed up the house to sell it, cause neither of us wanted to live in the house, it brought up to many sad memories of our little boy.


    As we packed my ex found one of our son’s old drawing books, pictures of us as a family, we laughed and cried as we went through the pages. Then that’s when I saw it. It was him, a drawing of a boy with no eyes.

At the Lake

 There was once a young couple, who were madly in love and planned to elope because the girl’s parents did not like the boy. So they planned to meet at a
lake at midnight. The girl came on time and was waiting for the boy. That’s when the spirit of the lake came out and saw her standing there and he was angry with someone standing in front of his out. As he came out to kill the person trespassing on his house, he saw it was a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her.

  So he made a deal with her if the boy didn’t come she would have to stay with him in the lake, if he came he would give them money to help them start a new life where ever they moved to. It was so much they would never have to worry about money again, so the girl believing in the love of the boy agreed to the deal.

   She waited and waited but the boy did not come, then she ran to the village, only to see him with another girl. She began to cry and cry, she was so heart broken, running back to the lake, she threw herself into the water.


   Sometime after, another young couple decide to meet at the pond, this time the boy was the one that was early, he paced back and forth around the bank of the pond. Suddenly he hears a female voice;

“I asked you to meet me at midnight, didn’t I ?”
The boy answers ;

  And all of a sudden pale white hands emerge from the water and drags him into the lake.

  So now when ever you are at a lake at midnight and encounter a girl, do not answer her questions or look at her too long. Otherwise she will drag you down into the lake, cause she thinks all men are like are former lover.

Lend It to Me – ( from Yamishibai)

   A young man notices a bathhouse he’d never seen before along his walk home from work and decides to take a bath. After getting his shampoo, a bucket, and a bar of soap from the elderly check-in woman, he settles in to bathe and realises he’s the only one there. Later, he hears footsteps on the other side of the dividing wall.


   He then hears a woman’s voice ask for a bar of soap, which he accommodates by tossing his soap bar over the wall. Later, while he’s bathing, the woman asks for a bucket since the others are in use. The man complies again and tosses his bucket over, but is curious as to how there are no others since they are the only customers.

   As the man showers, the woman asks for a razor, but he says he didn’t bring one. She asks for some scissors, which he also didn’t bring. The woman starts to mumble to herself about cutting something, much to the man’s confusion and growing fear. Then the woman asks out loud if she could have his hair. Now scared, the man tries to hurry through his shower, trying to ignore her constantly growing and insane demands for random body parts.

   As she demands more and more, she shouts, “Lend it to me! Lend it to me! Lend it to me!” The man finally is about to run away when a monster with a melted face, long and stringy black hair, a soap bar in its mouth and carrying a giant pair of scissors leans over the wall and says in a calm voice, “Actually, let me just have all of you.” The story ends with the man’s feet being dragged over the wall…

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