Not Another Stupid Dare: Chapter 4 FINAL

The FINAL chapter for not another stupid dare! Thanks to marykayle for sharing her fanfiction with us! Check out her other works as well! Enjoy!

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Wait before you read this read these first if you haven’t. You will thank me later…

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng!”

The said girl froze on the school stairs like a deer caught in the headlights. She slowly turned her head around to see who this angry voice belonged to.

Nino was furiously approaching her. She never saw him like that. Marinette couldn’t help but wonder what she has done to deserve his anger. The poor girl couldn’t recall.


“We have a lot to talk about, young lady!” declared Nino as he came closer. It was so unlike him that Marinette barely could snap out of her initial shock. What on earth was happening?

“Nino?” The bluenette gave him a very confused look. “What’s the matter?”

“You tell me! What happened between you and Adrien that you won’t even give him a chance to talk to you and explain everything?”

“It’s none of your business, Nino.” She let him know she didn’t want to talk.


“Then what has happened between you and Chat Noir, huh, Ladybug? And don’t think that you could present it as two different problems because they aren’t!”

“WHAT?!” The girl was beyond terrified.

“I asked you about your fight with Chat Noir. And yes, I called you Ladybug. There’s no way out until I can hear from you what’s the matter between you guys.” Nino was slowly calming down. “I suppose that you have no other choice than to tell me everything I wanna hear.”

Marinette blinked a couple of times.


“Okay then,” she sighed. “Guess I really have no choice… See, Chat discovered my identity a couple of weeks ago and he didn’t tell me he knew until I discovered who he is. He loves only Ladybug, Nino,” she said bittersweet, “not the girl behind the mask. Of course, how could I be anything more than a disappointment for him? It’s just… I love all of him, and he loves only one side… Though I doubt even that. It’s simply not fair for him to be with Ladybug if he doesn’t like her civilian self!” Marinette felt a tear streaming down her face.


“What?” She asked dejectedly.



“…?” She gave him a pointed glare.

“You’re wrong. Please let my man prove you wrong. It’s not an impossible request, is it?”

Maybe it won’t be so much harm in it, she thought.

“… Okay. I promise.”


“Adrien Agreste!”

The boy stopped dead in tracks and tensed his shoulders before turning around to the source of an angry voice.

Oh no. Not Alya. Everyone but Alya. Because this girl knew how to be scary, and now she was fuming. Adrien prayed to all gods to survive whatever Alya was going to throw on him.

“Here you are! Care to explain what happened between you and Marinette?!”


“I’m afraid it’s not your concern, Alya,” he answered cautiously. “I have to go now, so if you’ll excuse me…”

He tried to sneak off. Alya’s words, however, made him change his mind.

“And where do you think are you going, huh, Chat Noir? It’s not like Ladybug is waiting for you, because last time I checked, you were in the fight, just like with Marinette. Pretty funny coincidence, isn’t it?”

“W-What are you talking about?” he managed to answer.


“Oh, you heard me pretty well with all your cat hearing! Agreste, I’m so gonna kick your butt if you NOW wouldn’t take your ass here and explain! Me! Everything!”

He came closer with a look of a guilty cat on his features. You better not argue with Alya in this state.

“…Okay… Though I don’t like it at all!” Alya gave him a death glare. “Basically, it’s nothing to talk about: I discovered her identity a couple of weeks ago and didn’t tell her. Then there was this kiss, then she discovered my identity, then she thought I only love a Ladybug side of her, which is so not true! And she stopped talking to me and didn’t even give me a chance to sort this out and now she must hate me and we’ll probably never end up being together and…”

“Woah there, slow down,” Alya was less furious now. “Nino will get her to talk to you, so you’d better think of the points which should prove her wrong.”


Adrien inhaled sharply.

“Okay, Alya, thanks, I guess?” She hummed something in appreciation. “I suppose you guys understand that secret identity is secret for a reason and are smart enough to keep your knowledge to yourself.” Alya shot him a ‘do-you-think-we-are-idiots’ look. “May I ask you though? How did you find out?”

“Oh, just. You never fight. And here you are, not even on speaking terms as both yourselves and your alter-egos. Honestly, if Nino didn’t mention this, your identities would stay secret. But, you know, that’s exactly what he did.” She smiled at the memory. “And not only that helped us…”

/The previous evening…


“We need to get them to talk to each other! Now that we know they are our favorite superhero duo, we have a huge benefit! We need a good plan, Nino!”

“I’m afraid that once they hear about us knowing their identities, they would switch on their ‘superhero’ mode and threaten us not to tell anyone,” replied Nino. “And we still won’t get to the point and lose our benefit.”

“So what do you propose?” asked Alya.

“We should be scarier from the beginning. Like we are really furious on them for their actions, or better be said, for the lack of them. I hope it would work at least.”


“Maaaybeee…” Alya tapped her chin in thought. “But Marinette is used to me being angry, so I’m afraid it wouldn’t have the desired effect.”

“Oh, well then… Oh! Got it! Let’s switch roles. You’re talking to Adrien and I’m confronting Marinette! How does that sound?”

“Perfect!” His girlfriend broke in a huge devilish smile and leaned in to kiss him. “Come on, now that we are finished with our genius matchmaking, we still have time left for ourselves.”

Nino only supported her suggestion with another kiss./


Marinette bumped into Adrien in the hallway. With her own clumsiness, she wasn’t even surprised.

“Marinette, we need to talk, please!” Adrien called for her.

Well, she promised. Collect yourself, you don’t want to burst into tears or be easy prey for the Akuma because of a simple rejection; she thought.

“Okay. Look, I still want us to be partners no matter what. I realize that my behavior was inappropriate, and I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, it was just really a lot to take in. Forgive me please if you can…”


“Of course, Marinette, my lady. I could never be angry at you. I understand your state. See, when I found out you were Ladybug, it wasn’t hard to believe that you indeed were one the same. You share a lot of common features, you know that? Everything that I love in Ladybug is also present in Marinette.” She looked at him with no expression on her face. “I love you, I really do, whether we speak about Marinette or Ladybug. I’ll do anything only to make you believe that it’s true. I love you.”

Marinette closed her eyes for a second and flashed a sad smile. She opened her eyes and stared at his. Just like two days ago, they were very gentle, comforting, kind, and had that warm green color.

“I believe you,” she finally whispered. And I love you. All of you. I was just so scared that you won’t love a plain girl like – mmmph!”

He kissed her with all love and adoration he could find. And when she responded with equal passion, he knew everything was going to be okay. The kiss turned into a hungrier one, it screamed ‘mine mine mine’ and clouded all his thoughts. When they broke the kiss, even Chloé screaming in the distance couldn’t ruin his euphoric state. Mine still echoed in his mind.


“Marry me,” he blurted out without thinking. Marinette lost her ability to speak. “That’s not..! It just slipped out, I didn’t mean… Only if you’re not against it! No! What I mean is -” The best way to shut him up was to kiss him, Marinette figured out.

Alya and Nino fist-bumped around the corner. This was (so not) a piece of cake, after all.

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