Scary story time #1

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Title: My Room

My room was a place where I could be myself and talk with friends over the internet. I loved the fact that mom was always cool with me doing my own things in there. I mostly spent time in my room but I did occsionally come out to eat and converse with my mother and talk about past and present events. That was my life…until night time came.


It was eight o’clock during the weekend. All my friends went to bed for the night and went offline, leaving me up by myself. My mom was gone at work and won’t be back till ten. So I practically had the house to myself the entire day, aka every teenager’s dream. Around eight thirty, I heard a knock at the door. Which was very strange because she told me she would be home by ten exactly. I went towards the door and looked out my peep hole to see a shadowy figure. It seemed to waver with every small gust of wind. I unlocked the door and jumped a bit. The figure was across the street from my house. I blinked and rubbed my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was real. When I opened my again, it was gone. That was que to go back inside.

Back in my room, I continued drawing before the lights shut off. Okay, now this is getting creepy. And I don’t like it. I went to my light switch and turned the switch off to stop the flow and disrupt it. A few moments of silence drones on before the light in the kitchen turned on by itself. I peered around my wall corner and saw it flicker. I don’t understand this. All the days to mess up and the weekend is the start. I cut my lights back on. Rest of the lights came on…except the kitchen. It turned off.

I reverted to closing my door shut. I only need my light, tv, game system and music. I can make it to ten and wait for mom to get home. At nine oh five, my lights began to flicker. I tried to ignore it until my tv and game system shut off with a power down like noise. I cut everything off and got in bed, not making a noise. Damn it, the silence is more eerie than before. All of a sudden, my tv turned on static. Really loudly. In the background, a loud screeching scream was heard. It got higher in pitch before it fell dead silence. Removing my hands from my ears, I heard keys jingling at the front door. I ran towards the front and unlocked it, hugging my mom quickly.

We talked and just blamed the events on my imagination. The next day I came home from school to see my room door closed and static coming from inside.



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