Hello everyone! It’s been a while since i sat down and talked to you all about things in my life, updates, etc., so I decided to talk about multiple of these subjects in one swoop of a writing.

Real quick one, I was supposed to upload a chapter of Might of Iron yesterday as i always do, but what had happened is that some electrical workers was replacing power lines, so i had no internet for the entire day. I’m  super sorry about it and I will upload it next Monday.

Next subject is just a super duper big shoutout and thank you for everyone’s love and support on the content I’ve been posting. You’re all amazing!

So, this is the main subject that I anted to talk about is the war of thoughts I’ve been having about is whether or not if I and you all of course, want to make or restart a third installment of stories. I had several ideas that i had in mind, even re-vamping a few stories i did before. I don’t want it to seem I’m pumping out every idea that comes, to mind, so i only want to do ideas i find fun and you all find interesting and also fun. So, you all can let me know, if you want a new story, new idea, or a old story i started and to restart it.

That’s all I wanted to say for today. Taking a bit of a break, but super pumped to hear y’all thoughts. Ttyl!! Stay awesome!


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