The Woman in the Woods

I once heard a story when I was a little boy in boarding school of a horrifying woman that lived in the woods. That would come and take you away if threw a stone at a old beaten down cottage in the woods close to our dormitory. But to me this way all just a way to scare the juniors.

So was the 2nd of March and I was a junior, and I was loving every minute of it, getting into all sorts of trouble and mischief every day I was the funny class clown. Once a senior had drawn a picture of a car on the chalkboard in class and called us junior to push the car to the other side of the board, watching some wet selves at the hopelessness of the task and knowing the beating they would receive seemed to amuse the seniors. They laughed away at us and when it got to my turn I cleaned the car and drew it on the other side of the board.

The senior seemed shocked for a moment then one decided to act but I was ready, he was this big fat boy he was bigger than me but slower, I dodged as he tried to hit me and hit him as hard as I could. Then the rest got up to beat me up and I was ready to fight sure they would kick my but, but I would look cool taking all of them on by my classmates. That’s when Frank told them to stop.

Everyone listened to Frank, he was the oldest, tallest and biggest of the seniors and he was so cool. He got up from the back of the class and walked up to me just glaring at me, I was scared but I knew I couldn’t run away. He got close and began to laugh and patted my head and said he was my school dad from now on. And for those who don’t know a school dad or mum is like a big brother or sister that looks out and takes care of you in school.

With that I became untouchable and I just got worse and worse. Then one night as I was sleeping in bed in the hostel, Frank came to wake me with Lee and Ola, his usual ragtag team of delinquents. He said he wanted to test out the story about the woman in the woods and I was ecstatic about it. We quietly snuck out of the hostel grabbing touch lights on our way out.

It was so dark outside and it got even darker as we made our way through the woods. But for some reason when we got to the clearing where the dilapidated cottage was, for some reason the light of the moon shone around it like a spot light, while everything else was covered in darkness.

It was the appointed time but no one was ready to throw the stone at the cottage but no one was ready to Frank and his friends kept pushing it on each other to be the one to do it. After a few minutes I got tired of this and grabbed a rock and threw it at the cottage. Immediately the rock hit the cottage the light around it when off like a light and the air shifted everyone felt scared now, the birds began to make noise.

For some reason I just knew I had to get out of their and I began to run to get back to the hostel and away from all this. I just kept running and running even as I heard Frank am the others call out to me from the clearing, a few seconds later I heard their screams.

I hide behind a tree, then I heard an old woman’s voice “Only naughty boys are up at this hour” and then she made and high pitch laugh that began to sound monstrous the more and more she laughed then I felt her move closer to the tree, I hid behind and I bolted and ran for it not looking back.

The woods never seems to come to an end, but I kept running and running then I hear someone running behind me. Then I hear Frank’s voice calling be to look behind, but I didn’t I just keep running. I had heard Frank’s voice dozens of times but for some reason the person behind me didn’t sound like him even if it was his voice. The person seems to be right behind me now calling out to me more and more, a towering figure.

I begin to cry as I run and this thing behind me cause I can’t call it a person was way to towering to be human and the way it was so close and fast behind me was not normal, begins to laugh and I begin to see the figure of a woman afar smiling a crooked smile, her teeth were so white, they were even visible in the dark night, with blood on them.

The voice behind me telling me I would die in this woods, then beginning to laugh again in his monstrous voice then telling me to look back at him again. But I just keep running till I stop seeing the figure of the woman and the voice behind me began to fade away till I didn’t hear it again.

Then I see the opening of the woods am relieved and tired, I begin to whisper it under my breath “I made it, I made it, I made it, I made it” over and over again under my breath. The moons light shining through the opening. I fall to the ground on getting far from the woods and close to the hostel. My head buried to the ground too tired to call out to anyone. After a few minutes of regaining a bit of my strength.

I realise am bent down in a pool of blood, I spring up only to find myself back at the cottage, the light of the moon shining around it. I pee myself, as I turn around to begin to run, the door of the cottage opens, a black hand grabs my leg, pulling me to the floor and dragging me into the cottage, the door shutting behind me.

The woman’s high pitch laugh that goes from high pitch to monstrous heard from the cottage.


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