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It’s that time again readers, to take a moment to be thankful. Remembering the people and things that makes life even with all its ups and downs bearable, if not even livable. And we’ve been reminded earlier thanks to a tag created by Fred

Taking time to say thanks, is something I don’t think I can ever do enough off, for my readers, family and fellow bloggers. You are the reason MyAnimeGo is at the level it is today.

And has someone once beautifully wrote;

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joys, and change opportunities into blessings.

William Arthur Ward

Thank you thank you thank you and welcome to the first ever thankful tag of MyAnimeGo!

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Rules of the Thankful Tag

It is simple!

  • The usual. Thank the person who tagged you and link back. (check) But thanks again Fred!
  • Create a list of things you are thankful for. Don’t be stingy!
  • Tag some people. Don’t be stingy. Of course, anyone who wants to pick up on this without being tagged, feel free!

What I’m thankful for?

My First Two biggest Fans

First off I am thankful for my first two biggest fans, who have no real interest in the otaku lifestyle if not because of me, but still encouraged me to pick up my phone, now laptop and write. Reading my ramblings now and then and genuinely showing an interest. My beautiful amazing Mum and Girlfriend that are the best support system and without them none of this would have happened.

Gratitude to My Readers

I would like to thank you. You come here to read our blog via an email subscription, socials, RSS feed or visiting the site. I am grateful for the time you take out of your busy schedule to read, share and comment on our ramblings. It doesn’t matter the amount of hours we keep in without you wonderful people, it really wouldn’t matter.

Thank you for your messages with words of support and encouragement.


It means so much.

Grateful for My amazing Blogger Partner

Thank you TheNerdyGirlNews for partnering up with me on our blogging journey. I think we are both learning and helping each other grow and put our best foot forward. You are an amazing and talented blogger. Who was first my mentor, then friend and now blogging partner.

Thankful for the views this Year

This year our views completely dwarfed last year’s views by a lot, but I won’t be telling you how much the numbers are till early next year during our usual New Year’s post. It makes me so happy because higher views means maybe one of our articles can help one more person with recommendations, answer weebo questions, consider a new perspective, feel a little less alone or a little more understood.


Thankful for the Blogging Community

My fellow bloggers like Nabe @GeekNabe, who helps out with technical coding stuff when I am stuck. Having this space where you can just trade battle stories and hear their struggles, get tips, be checked up on and get encouragement from others in the trenches with you is uplifting. 


All in all

I’d like to sign off with a big thank you. Thank you all for reading and for helping me grow as a blogger. But most of all thank you for showing me more love than is humanly possible and being a part of our journey…

Yours humbly and thankful,



Hmmm… now who to tag on this?



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