Blog Update Announcement NO. 24

It’s that time again! Where we share with you all the exciting happenings going on here behind the scenes to improve the overall experience for you guys and ladies. Hey everyone, hope you’re well. Thank you for all the time you spend with us both new and returning visitors.

First up I would love to say a big thank you to Feedspot (one of the internet’s largest human-curated databases of Bloggers and Podcasts), the founder, and their panelists for adding our blog to their Top 100 Anime Blogs on the web list. Like Crow’s World of Anime lists of anime sites it is also pretty comprehensive, and we are happy to be a part of that.

So here’s all the latest happenings at MyAnimeGo!

  • New header navigation layout for desktop users (Stupidly implemented the same navigation layout as that for tablet and mobile in trying to keep everything uniform but it way more work than it should be for you guys so overhauled)
  • Updated header look for mobile and tablet users with some minor tweaks here and there (don’t worry you’re not left out)
  • Updated footer layout (more user friendly I think)
  • Update on displayed images (going further the images will be bigger like you asked for but still optimized as much as possible)
  • Fixed visibility Share button
  • Other quality of life improvements (we are excited to see if you notice)

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior Mayumi Nishikino Kazunari Usa Tsuneda Miharu helping her get settled anime guy girls want to get dirt on Sayaka Watanabe

If you have any problems on the blog or have an idea on how we can improve or just want to talk please don’t be a stranger contact us.


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