Why You Need a Pinterest VA For Your Anime Blog

Aniblogging isn’t something new. When it comes to it, people are PASSIONATE and opinionated about their anime shows. I’ve met some incredible writers and fans of anime through the Twitter aniblogging community and I love it. One thing that I noticed people kept asking about though was HOW I managed to make an income from my blog(especially in the anime niche).

The biggest thing for Aniblogging? Pinterest.

You know that using Pinterest is a great way to grow your blog and increase your traffic and leads, but you just don’t have the time to spend all day pinning or learning the ins and outs of (yet) another platform.

When you hire a Pinterest manager, or a VA(Virtual Assistant) you can spend more time in your zone of genius doing things in your business or life that only YOU can do. Or, you know, catching up on Game of Thrones. 😉

These days, the online world and social media are changing at the speed of light. It seems like every day there’s a new algorithm update or major platform change.


What worked well a few years ago for social media just doesn’t work the same way today. You need someone who can stay up to date for you. Just last year, Group Boards were a huge thing and now they actually can LOWER your impressions and engagement rates.

With aniblogging, you’re exhausted trying to keep up with all the changes and are ready to hire out your Pinterest management and marketing to someone else so you can get more leads and traffic to your website and grow your business or blog to the next level.

Right now you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired trying to keep up with #allthethings you have on your never-ending to-do list.

aniblogging help. Why you need a Pinterest VA to help run your Anime blog.

But if your online business includes Aniblogging, you can’t afford to ignore Pinterest.

With over 200 million monthly active users, Pinterest is positioning itself as not just another social media site, but a visual search engine that lets people find your content and leads to more clicks to your website, new leads and email subscribers, and more sales in your business.


You don’t need random pretty pins thrown into a scheduler – you need intentional marketing strategy and business-building results from your Pinterest efforts.

Who am I? (ANSWER: Your future Pinterest manager )

Hello there!  My name’s Gloria and I’m the lady boss behind The Nerdy Girl News/MyAnimeGo.  I run a few different online businesses and blogs, including this one!

With MyAnimeGo, I help bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and businesses, particularly with Pinterest management, marketing, and social media.  I usually work with creative entrepreneurs who love writing and anime and would love to make more of an income from it.

Over the last few years of being a full-time business owner, I’ve gotten results like…

  • Grew one Pinterest account to over 40,000 followers, and two other accounts to over 8,000 followers each
  • Reached over 1.5 MILLION monthly Pinterest impressions for a client’s anime blog
  • Grew a client’s Pinterest account by over 1,000 new followers in just a few months
  • Grew a anime blog to over 120,000 monthly page views
  • And more! (blah blah legal stuff, these results are not typical ;))

I live and breathe social media marketing, and I’ve been doing this sort of thing in some form or another literally since I was could pick up a pencil.  Because I’m also an aniblogger, I am in the trenches every day learning what works NOW and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing your online business and driving traffic to a website.


Because I will be PERSONALLY managing your Pinterest account, there are a very limited number of spots available.

Go Ahead and Contact Me Today!!!

Seriously, you won’t regret it! If you’re still unsure, check out my post on How to Gain Followers on Pinterest that might help you more.

The first one for Pinterest contains an in-depth view of your website and your Pinterest account. I’ll explain everything you need to raise your followers and gain more traffic. The second guide is I’ll actually be your Pinterest Virtual Assistant. As in, I’ll do your Pinterest account monthly to guarantee that you’ll get your views and followers. The first one is a simple 30 dollars a month and the Pinterest VA is $60 a month. Message me through here if you’re interested!

As always,


Keep Smiling!


Spends her time watching anime and reading anything she can get her hands on. Also passionate about Disney, Harry Potter and helping those with depression and anxiety.

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