10 2-sentence horror stories #2

Part two to the horror stories. First one received a whole lot of love,so I’m doing another. Once again, comment for which one was the scariest to you.

1. It’s normal to talk to your friends. It stops being normal when they are all under the ground.

2. They say your reflection is what you perceive yourself to look like. So is that why every time I smile he doesn’t?

3. Sleep is supposed to be a wonderful feeling. It stops being wonderful when an unknown person breathes on your neck.


4. I always visit my wife’s grave on the day she died. I stopped visiting once i saw a gravestone with my name next to hers.

5. My dog is a wonderful pet and is so good to me. Wish I could say that after he ripped my throat open that night when I was sleeping.

6. Typing essays for class was never difficult. That is until I found a message on my saved file that read “Delete Me”.

7. There’s two things I hate about thunderstorms at night. The flashes of lightning and the way his shadow contorts with each flash.


8. My wife hasn’t blinked, moved, or even spoken for one whole year. And yet, her heart continues to beat.

9. I love hearing her screams. It lets me know I haven’t cut anything fatal yet.

10. She told me ‘I love you’ before she died. A day later she told me ‘I hate you’ and killed me.


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