Eyes in the Dark by Reaper

   Hey everyone we got a new try of scary story for you, it’s going to be divided in parts cause it’s so long but by a guest writer, we hope decides to join the Yo! D101 team. This story is our fashion truly a wonderful work, filled with mystery, horror, suspense and so much more. You will just have to keep reading to see for yourself. The true horrors that lurk in the dark.

  I’ve finally found something to write with, so here I am, scribbling down everything I know or have discovered while I’m here in the hopes that someone will find this and have a better chance at surviving then I do. I don’t know how long I’ve been here but I know I’ve been here long enough for people to have stopped looking for me. I don’t remember much, only that I woke up in this mysterious forest one day with only my name to guide me. Oh where are my manners, my name is Damian or was it Samuel. . .no matter you may call me what you like. I’m writing because. . .well to keep sane I suppose, I haven’t seen another living being since I woke up, only the cattle that roamed the land around them.

  I first encountered them on my third night, after I had build myself a cosy little tent and a fire to cook the meat I had hunted that morning, I’ll never forget those dark red eyes staring at me, looking right towards me as if they were searching my soul. Acting upon instinct I threw water on the fire, dousing it before jumping into my tent. I couldn’t sleep that night, everytime I closed my eyes I would see those cold lifeless red orbs staring back at me. I was so terrified that I couldn’t get out in the morning as I dreaded encountering whatever those eyes belonged to. But after a few hours of sunrise I decided to poke out my head, to which I breathed a sigh of relief when I found no trace of whatever had visited me in the night.

  Deciding to move, I destroyed my camp and took my supplies with me, searching for somewhere safer as I did not want to repeat the night that had thankfully come to pass. Searching for almost all of the day I came upon what seemed to be an abandoned cabin in the heart of a lush green forest. Steeling myself I walked towards it and tried pushing open the door to no avail, walking around it to see if there was another way in I found a broken window. Judging from the glass that lay inside on the ground, I presumed it was broken inwards, perhaps by someone or something trying to get in. Again taking another deep breath I climbed in through the window, being careful not to make any sound I set my pack down right under it before I started exploring what I hoped would be my s
alvation from the cold night air and terrors of the dark.

  The building wasn’t too small but not too big either, perfect as I wasn’t looking to attract any attention. I found that the door couldn’t be opened from the outside as it had been nailed shut from within. There also seemed to be claw marks along one of the walls and. . .I still can’t shake the feeling I had when I saw it, the bloody handprints that lined the wall, running down along it at one point before continuing along the ground farther into the other room. I was both thrilled and terrified, as the handprints we’re clearly human, but it was as if they were trying to get away from something before they were dragged away. I felt a gut wrenching feeling at the pit of my stomach as I slowly started to follow the trail, it seemed fresh, don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. Part of me wanted to run as far away as possible, who knew if what attacked this person was still here, but I also knew that this may be my only chance to meet another human being.

  Balling my hand into fists I stepped into the next room, more blood trails lined the floor, following them silently I listened for any signs of. . .well anything. That’s when I heard it, a low raspy breathing coming from the room the blood trails disappeared in. I tried to quiet down the thunderous beating of my heart that seemed to drown out everything else as I walked towards the room. The breathing got louder the closer I got, each step I took seemed to echo in my ears as time seemed to move slower. I was almost at the door when my body froze, deciding to bail out as I heard what I presumed was claws scraping against the wooden floor of the cabin. Scrape. . .silence. . .scrape. . .silence. . .then nothing. Everything seemed as it were a moment ago, only the beating of my heart could be heard as it threatened to burst out of my chest.

  Snapping out of my temporary paralysis, I reached out, grabbing the cold doorknob in my hand before turning it slowly. It felt like an eternity passed before I heard a click, signalling the door unlocking before I slowly pushed it open, careful not to alarm anything that may be residing in this small room. Poking my head slightly into the room, I saw it and I can’t really describe what I saw only that it was covered in dark black fur, hunged over what I later found to be the resident of this cabin. I wish I’d never found the damn place, I should’ve just left when I saw the claw marks and blood trail. I wish my body had complied when the creature slowly started turning around, its head turning towards me as its body stayed the same until those same cold lifeless eyes were staring at me as the night before. I wanted to turn away, close my eyes or slam the door shut, done something but I kept staring and staring. It made a slight clicking sound as its body began moving as well, that’s when my body finally agreed with me but it was too late. I tried to slam the door into it as it lunged forward but it was far stronger than I. The force of it tackling the door sent me crashing against the wall before scrambling out of its way as it lunged for my head. I quickly got to my feet and ran towards the broken window, dumping everything I had in my pack as I searched for my machete. Quickly picking it up I jumped out of the window and crouched underneath it, waiting for it. I heard it slowly making its way to the window, its claw clicking against the wooden floor before it stopped. I didn’t know what it was looking for as I heard it sliding the contents of my pack across the floor and quite frankly I was too scared to look. After a few moments of silence I poked my head up to look into the room, and of course I should’ve known that it may have been waiting me out.

  Jumping towards me I ducked down just in time to receive the lighter side of its attack as one of its claws dug into my face, scraping up over my eyes before it landed behind me on the ground. With no time to react to my injury I turned around with my machete in hand, ready to face this creature only to find that it gone. With the adrenaline still pumping through my veins I quickly jumped back into the house and grabbed my first aid kit. After applying the appropriate medical care to my injured eye I continued exploring the cabin once more with my trusty machete in my hand. Thankfully no other creature was in the cabin and I also found some supplies to barricade the window with. With most of the day behind me I’ve had time to check the cabin more thoroughly, finding this notebook and pen, not sure how they got there.

  The room where I found the creature is still filled with blood but at least I know there was another human in this world as I. She seemed younger than me, possibly in her mid twenties, at least from what I could make of the piece of her face that was still intact. Managing to move her outside before I barricaded the window, I used my machete to dig up a hole to bury her remains. It wasn’t an easy task but at least I got to give her a proper burial. I don’t know why but I feel responsible for her death, maybe if I had gotten here earlier I could’ve saved her not that there’s anything I can do now. It’s already late so I’m going to turn in for the night, hope that thing doesn’t return tonight.

  Man, I’m really exhausted. Sorry I had to get that out of my system. I woke up early today, not that I slept much last night as I was wrong about the creature not returning. I don’t know if it could see me but I saw his eyes staring into the room, scanning it for a moment before I saw it move away from the window. Thinking it was gone I tried to fall asleep, only to feel its presence behind me as it scratched on the door I was leaning against. Being too terrified to move I just slowly laid down on the ground and tried to drown out the sound of it trying to get in. It stopped after three or four hours though and seemed to move away for good as the sun started to rise so I got a little bit of shut eye, just not enough for what I did today. I did another sweep of the cabin again in my now calmed state and found a lot of things I missed yesterday, like the secret ladder leading to an attic in the room the girl was killed. While the cabin below was barren, the attic was truly something else. Fully furnished with what seemed to be hand built chairs and a table, a bed that lay in a corner separated by some cloth. A chest lay in one of the corner but it was locked so I haven’t been able to open it yet, but I’ve decided to move all my things up to the attic which also come with a rain catcher. Now that may not sound like something to be stoked about but I haven’t drank fresh water in days and it’s hooked up to a tank which seems to be half full. It’s almost depressing seeing how great she had it going for herself here only to get killed like an animal. Anyways I’m going to see what I can do about that chest.

  So I haven’t been able to open the chest yet but I have added my own twist to the attic. I actually went outside and brought some stones back to the cabin, using them to create a furnace in one of the corners. Now I’ve barricaded the window again and I still have to do something about the smoke but until then I’m just going to leave the trapdoor slightly open to filter the smoke down to the cabin below. I know I’m going to have to go out again, but right now I just have to get my bearings and get passed the stuff that happened the last day, it’s a lot to take in. The attic has one window that can’t be open but provides a nice view of the girl’s grave so I can keep watch over it. Well the day’s passed by quickly and I want to enjoy a night’s rest after a long while so I’ll be turning in, after making sure everything is closed of course.

((To Be Continued))

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